When was the soul born?

In one of India’s grandest and most beautiful pieces of literature ever written in my opinion, the Bghavad Gita reads this: The soul is not born, nor does it die; it did not spring from something, and nothing sprang from it. It is unborn, eternal, immortal, and ageless. It is not destroyed when the body is destroyed.” As soon as you think you know what it is, then that is exactly when it falls out of your knowing completely. The knowing of what is known of as the soul. It is simply always supreme and always so vast. Could that be why it is deemed so offensive by others to hear people around them claim that they are God? Is it just too much to fathom or comprehend truly all at once? So many questions.

I can breathe yes but I know what gives me that is also what gives life to all around me to or the Carbon, correct? So then why are we trying to reduce it? Wouldn’t being more environmentally friendly be about being off the grid of what is normal? Just some thoughts on it. If you can’t define the “soul” by certain energies then why can’t it be drawn from all energies?

Though this is a divine paradox of “I am nothing, yet I am everything” because each one of us humans within our physical vessels that we have want to be right in our own ways. We all lie, aren’t perfect as we state, or don’t know everything either. The organism is so creating us as it goes along in our image and other images. Stay patient. Peace.


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Prepare to be astonished

Why do we always bash who we do not understand?

Why do we look at people like Donald Trump and others as not like us in any ways?

Why do we hold secrets so dear to ourselves?

Are we prepared to be astonished with what can happen?

Isn’t it interesting how if we can let people be who they are then more freedom can happen?

All of these questions have been boggling my mind as of lately and I truly think that the World will be better off if we seek to answer questions of connectivity instead of vying to be disconnected. Nothing can trouble us more than not feeling connected and being out of sync with the whole of life itself. What about secret oaths? Secret societies? What is held in secret comes to light eventually.

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1000+ Ideas about Crystal Healing. Transducer power.

Have you ever had a fascination with crystals? Wondered about how free energy can be made from pyramidal structures of our past? Well that comes with the power of what is known as transducers or transforming one form of energy into another. Understanding the source of the energy and having the means to tap into it, all we need to do is convert the unlimited mechanical stresses therein into usable electricity utilizing quartz crystals.

 The MIGHTY Crystal:


1000+ Ideas about Crystal Healing:


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Water the best healer. When we are true to ourselves the water inside us activates itself more.

We are always told that there are only three phases of matter which are solid, liquids, and vapors but is there a fourth phase? Another phase to water even than just a simple H2o concept. Possibly H3O2 instead? Yes that would make sense if there is true electrical potential within water with its negative and positive charges. We can learn a lot about water from learning about darkness in a negative way. The negative way meaning ignorance and arrogance about what truly exists in our Universe and what isn’t really there too.

I should say that we are in the dark about everything in our World right now, not just water. Just look at the new data and evidence that new technology brings forth about things that were taken for granted and now new questions begin to shake those old 19th and 20th century ´´facts´´, like the limit is the speed of light, Gravitational universe and it´s implications like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, etc. A lot of dark and black things that only have one meaning, which is ´´WE DO NOT KNOW´´. Those old theories were great to make us progress, but now they are beginning to slow us down as mainstream scientists don´t want to let go of them in way to evolve to newer things like the Electric Universe, which, to anyone that knows and deals with electricity and high energy electric devices, is as clear as crystal water. It is the difference between believing and knowing.  Are mainstream scientists afraid of newer solutions? If they are, then they are not scientists, they are only convinced that they are.  Gerald Pollack and others like him are not afraid of exploring knowledge and awareness not just believing. Enter the age of knowing, wealth, and awareness. Enter ecstasy. Water ways of purity.

A sparkle is light in your eyes and light inside of you towards truth and understanding each moment capturing life more so, or as Dr. Gerald Pollack states, “you can’t separate energy from water. Water is a repository of energy coming free from the environment.”

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Healing In Real Time:


EZ Water or Living Water: The Fourth Phase of Water:


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Being by Yourself. Why being interdependent instead of dependent is healthier.

Are you currently taking a break from a lover of yours? Is he or she not liking you for your reason or theirs? Or is it both of you that are creating the problems themselves and you just don’t even realize it?

Some of these questions are only for us as people to answer but then again for our higher selves to be able to grasp onto and move beyond as well. Questions are just that. They are never answers and for us to solve our questions takes our own growth and separation from all of our untruths that just aren’t even real. What is real is your growth and destruction of what is false in your life itself. The more that we can do things that balance ourselves is the more that we can love one another. Whether that be with financial prominence or spiritual mastery is up to you. Just try to be by yourself to see it from yourself as the existence of what is now. So we have to balance the giving and taking energies that money represents in our lives or else we become too dependent on who we do not need to be too dependent upon. Instead separating yourself from whom you are too dependent on for being happy or fulfilled can be key to your balance in life, even if just for the time being in the present moment.

For instance in your life thus far you may have found what is called a Twin Flame or also known as the exact feminine or masculine aspect of yourself as a physical person and complete spiritual being. Handling situations adequately and as adults instead of teenagers and younger children is a skill that takes time. It’s okay if we have found love in our lives in another person deeply but what is a partnership and or a relationship just isn’t the same anymore. The times have become far more serious and far more technological and also have been easier to see what’s wrong with others and self. We must stay focused in our heart centers and separate ourselves from what isn’t true to find out what is always true.

Much love.

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What is R.A.C.E. really about?

R.A.C.E. is an acronym developed by the Moorish Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as the Moab’bit Association that means Regional Acquisition Cooperative Economics. It is not about race in terms of skin tones or the depth of your cultural differences between others and instead about economics that are connected and cooperative. That is what Bitcoin does with money and keeps your privacy ensured.

Although race in terms of “black,” “white, “Asian, “Hispanic,” etcetera does not truly matter in terms of connecting to peoples holistically. It matters in term of rallying people together such as the black American population that the Moors descend from truthfully the Moabite region of Southwest Africa which is now called Morocco and have inhabited the Americas.

Share this crowdfund! Support the BLEXIT by donating bitcoin. With your bitcoin donation your are supporting the economic education, economic unification and economic empowerment of the African Diaspora. You can send bitcoin to the QR code found in our logo. Just scan it and send desired amount. You are welcome to donate as many times as you like, even after we have reached our goal. Greater detail of the BLEXIT proposal are available upon request and donation. All proceeds will go towards the BLEXIT crowdfund. Thank you for your support.  So copy and paste the following link into your Bitcoin address and send us a donation today!


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~Moab’bit Association donation address:


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What is it like to love someone with Bipolar?




Well it is not always the simplest of things to do. You have to be very patient and very understanding of their faults, problems, and always be constantly aware of their mental state. They like to take a lot of naps in between the hours of the day but really what are hours in the scheme of things? I’m just going wild aren’t I? On to the story.

I have happened to fall in love with one of the best women ever to have existed on Earth. She has brought me more joy in my life than ever before. Though she goes haywire with mania many times and can be lost in her anger towards anything from the slightest things to the worst of life itself. She has been troubled by the biracial aspect of our relationship as well which can add another black and white dimension to it all. Yet in today’s World fortunately that is getting easier to deal with as more and more people become understanding of race not mattering as much as has been the case in previous generations.

Bipolar what is it?

Let’s get down to business on the meaning of Bipolar. At least according to the National Institutes of Mental Health it is known as, “a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.” There are four basic types of bipolar disorder as listed by NIMH:

  • Bipolar I Disorder— defined by manic episodes that last at least 7 days, or by manic symptoms that are so severe that the person needs immediate hospital care. Usually, depressive episodes occur as well, typically lasting at least 2 weeks. Episodes of depression with mixed features (having depression and manic symptoms at the same time) are also possible.
  • Bipolar II Disorder— defined by a pattern of depressive episodes and hypomanic episodes, but not the full-blown manic episodes described above.
  • Cyclothymic Disorder (also called cyclothymia)— defined by numerous periods of hypomanic symptoms as well numerous periods of depressive symptoms lasting for at least 2 years (1 year in children and adolescents). However, the symptoms do not meet the diagnostic requirements for a hypomanic episode and a depressive episode.
  • Other Specified and Unspecified Bipolar and Related Disorders— defined by bipolar disorder symptoms that do not match the three categories listed above.

What do I suggest for ways of handling someone with Bipolar?

Though these attributes have existed with the woman I love, she is both acknowledged and seen beyond all of the negativity. Yes someone who has bipolar but someone who is stronger than it because of the life she leads as a woman of courage. So therefore in loving someone with bipolar we always can change our ways of dealing with them as well. It is much more positive to help them mediate problems within themselves by being there for them, let them cry, let them have pain with you by your side, and speak about it all as openly as possible too. All in an effort to bring them back to peace instead of only  focusing on their hardships that they tell you about. We all have our own troubles and issues in our lives and it is very important that I continue to help  her in her life by aiding her in her meditative practices and guiding her to look at the ego from an observational angle not necessarily from only one point of view. The observational angle of looking at the ego is from an outside of yourself view and it requires emptying one’s mind to a state of pure spaciousness without any other thoughts going on which is hard but a loving practice to indulge in. I have helped her to see in this light with much success and I encourage others to do similar for their partner and lover.

Solutions for loving someone with Bipolar

There are many solutions that I have used for loving her and to help her become stronger including sound therapy, touch therapy, Reiki energy work, and also essential oils for peace and calming effects. Being constantly aware of one’s troubles comes with our intense periods of poetic meditation as well that we both do together for therapeutic purposes in which she is incredibly gifted. She can improvise poetry beautifully and has writing gifts that are so beautiful as she journals much like I do for sanity and serenity amidst life. Oils have been great as well for helping our relationship prosper too, originally I had introduced her to Young Living Essential Oils at an event of theirs held at the Arboretum in Webster New York alongside my gong therapist friends.

The essential oils have helped her to relax and regulate moods within herself and for how she deals with her environmental surroundings too. I am grateful for having friends whom have been so kind to her with these healing oils.  There are oils like Frankincense that have an uplifting aroma to them and are Earthy. Frankincense has brought her more spirituality within our partnership and I am glad to be in touch with that in her as well. The oil is diffused into the air for aromatherapy and also put onto the body as well. She puts the oils onto her body for clarity and mental peace.


She has taken on the task of entrepreneurship with strength and vigor that I absolutely admire and love dearly. She many times has tried to push me away from her projects but also knows that she does need help in carrying out her own DBA(Doing Business As) business venture if she expects it to be successful. She is getting this help from places like the Women’s Business Institute in Oneida County with Dr. Patricia Laino and also has taken Media Marketing Management at Mohawk Valley Community College too. All very positive things that any other person with Bipolar can follow as an example for coping with the ups and downs of it. I’d encourage any readers to follow her example and take on educational opportunity if you can and or do any kind of online do it yourself forms of education to quell the troubles of your mind.

She has equipped herself with a full business plan too alongside projected sales goals for her startup business which is accessories based for now until she can bring in projects like homeschooling communities, aquaponics farming, cryptocurrency investing and other various ventures that I am helping her with as well. We have been partners in ideas and also in writing out goals and aspirations. We complement each other by helping each other bring out the best of one another during the times of creative processes as well. It truly is beautiful.

Sound therapy

Also to help myself love and be there for her I have introduced her to beautiful methods of sound therapy such as utilizing the gong for entire bodily stimulation energetically. The gong is considered the oldest instrument known to humanity and is used for meditative relaxation and also works hand in hand with Yoga practices that she does as well for balance. The sound of singing bowls works directly with gongs as alternative medicine to the entire body. She has embraced this from me as I have given her the sounds of the singing bowls as she naps usually and to put her into a state of bliss.

Why is sound therapy so effective in helping love someone with bipolar?

Sound therapy is so effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Her emotional imbalances have usually been at the root of her issues with the mental disease at hand, and when the sound  enters into her body it can help heal the emotional imbalances and the physical symptoms tend to disappear in her far more. Sound whether its just in listening to regular music or the mystic vibration medicine of the gong is deeply connected with emotional well-being. Using the gong I have addressed the emotional disturbances within her and asked where they have been in her head or body, in order to release these blockages with ease and grace. She has had better sleep as a result of the gongs when played, reduction of stress from the day, changed behaviors, stimulated circulation of energy flow throughout her body, and has been far more connected to her higher self.


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