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Sun day’s we rise in.


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Transparency is EVERYTHING

Why Occupy responded the Way they did and why transparency is needed more than ever

Many means and efforts have been applied in attempting further growth of society instead of just repetitive patterns that happen at large. Therefore, movements such as the Occupy movement tried to address the troubles and traumas happenening out amongst society yet never seemed to truly address the issue of privacy versus further transparency which I believe is far more the issue at hand. We do not need to be more concerned with our privacy as people as we are concerned with being even more transparent so therefore we get it wrong by stating that we need to watch over privacy issues because when you think of it all truthfully we never really have had true privacy because we have been giving our information to the government since day one. Let us be honest with ourselves that privacy is only between yourself and all people on a subconscious level as well as a conscious level. It is your responsibility to be as a private as you want to be or as centralized as you want to be or as giving and as sharing as you want to be as well, and never a higher Government’s responsibility for doing so but we want it to be because then it would be easier for us all. Let us delete this elitist thinking by taking our own responsibility for our own privacy and our own creation of transparency amongst society.

The more transparent you become as a person, the more influential and meaningful you become for others surrounding your vicinity.  Occupy Wall Street NYC as a movement locally and globally, was a natural continuation of the work that the country’s founders started, and occupy as a movement intended to keep and build upon, those core principles.  There’s a philosophical discussion here of the kernel of individual freedom: recognizing your individual sovereignty, as countless leaders and prophets have put it, that must be reflected in the organizational structures and institutions that society build for ourselves.  Our institutions belong to us, we do not belong to our institutions.

Asserting that fundamental human sovereignty as belonging to every human was the bold move that electrified the world in 1776, and has given America so much to be proud of.  It’s time to elaborate on what proceeds from that.

We have been taught since childhood that what proceeds from that is our freedom, which is true.  But we have made some questionable choices about what we allow that freedom to mean- we feel there is wide agreement about this across our country, though many different people state the same idea in different ways.

This is where it’s useful to introduce Gandhi’s idea of Swaraj.  Swaraj literally and narrowly means “self-rule.”  And it can be used in a conventional political sense, as in, “British, we’d like you out of India, this is our country and we’ll rule it ourselves, thank you very much.”  But it also has a more spiritual and personal connotation that, when used to speak of the self-rule of an individual person, has a sense of one’s “sacred duty.” The idea being that each person has a sacred duty to find their way to be in the world, that only they can determine, and that when each of us does well at meeting that duty, the result is what we experience as the freedom so prized by the American heart.

To add to the heart an astonishing business model that I thoroughly appreciate is called Holacracy or businesses without managers handling business within a circle structure and or distributed leadership throughout the company at hand. Holacracy itself therefore is a self-organizing system. The founder of the system itself Brian Robertson explains the success of the model in this video below.

The occupy movement has been fundamentally for the purpose of seeing that our society is organized so that each person may most fully realize their own Swaraj.  And though our founders didn’t use that exact word, we believe a look through their writings shows it is this idea they were getting at.

The Purpose of Occupy

The “how” is simply by maintaining a forum for direct and open consensus Democracy, modeled on the Occupy Wall Street format, and providing a place where people can exchange ideas and organize themselves as they see fit, openly and candidly. The idea being that the more open information is instead of being classified and withheld, the more open society will become. The more places political discourse can take place in the more change can occur.

Over the last two years the movement has went from occupying public spaces such as public parks in cities internationally and nationally to internet campaigns such as the likes seen on which leaves plenty of space for many different specific approaches to be tried, regardless of what “traditional” ideas of left/right, liberal/conservative inform the approaches. The purpose although was to be actively engaged amongst the discourses and events for changes taking place. Organizing events for working groups, executing them, and acting on solutions for societal changes even if a slow approach has been the case is worth the effort.

A key element of the importance of the specificity of “how” has been the central role that the advanced information, communication, and transportation technology has played in facilitating this process of such a vast movement.  These advances have accelerated humanity’s political metabolism to the point that these new ways of achieving the goals our old institutions; which were put in place for are now feasible.  As such, access to them must remain equal and open as a top priority.


From examining Lessig’s, Anderson’s, Benkler, and several websites and social media platforms pages on the subject I have a more complete understanding of how transparency and government must go together to work. As a collective society we can not expect to change the way that things are by merely doing the same actions over and over again as you may have heard. Yet what clarifies this point poignantly is Rob Paige from Conscious Self Governance.Ca in which he states just like our founding Fathers of America would that , “I believe the only way to have true freedom, prosperity and peace for all is to leave the system. I believe we must rebuild outside the scope, influence and control of the system with freedom, prosperity, peace and liberty as foundational principles.” Therefore there never can be an open government without people themselves being more transparent and open by letting others know their worst fears, secrets, troubles, and problems to the public. The Book of Revelations in the Bible also has a prominent verse stating this as well Revelation 18:11-13

“The merchants of the earth will weep and mourn over her because no one buys their cargoes anymore— 12 cargoes of gold, silver, precious stones and pearls; fine linen, purple, silk and scarlet cloth; every sort of citron wood, and articles of every kind made of ivory, costly wood, bronze, iron and marble; 13 cargoes of cinnamon and spice, of incense, myrrh and frankincense, of wine and olive oil, of fine flour and wheat; cattle and sheep; horses and carriages; and human beings sold as slaves.” Meaning do not be one to sell yourself short or merely give your soul over to just possessions, goods, and or material things for you can be out of balance with a purposeful life.

Although many people in our current society today will fear that an end of the World is coming to them due to the way many dramatic and drastic changes are coming at such a rapid pace. Yet I do not think this to be true and that the apocalypse that was written on in the Bible’s Revelation passage cited above is merely about a reawakening of mankind to become far more consciously aware and capable of creating a better World for all to live on together.


New Day New Experience

The New Day New Opportunity Business Expo in New York City was quite an inspiration full of vendors and great people. The event was one of hope, promise, expertise, and new businesses surrounding the Brooklyn NY region hoping to reach out to new clientele and new contacts. Sparkle Anthony was in attendance with the host of the event James Frazier, Luc Dorsinville, Tray Lover, and Mark Anthony.

Refer to our show which promoted the event:


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Solfeggio Harmonics

Harmonics in the tones of between 300hertz to 800 hertz in frequency based off of the do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti scale.

Solfeggio Mirror:

Solfeggio Arpeggio:

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First of all let’s get into what the meaning of value really is. What does it mean to be valuable in our current society? What about this particular trait do we as human beings find so intriguing? We must delve into this question much further than we have ever done before as traveling into the depths of who we are also makes us know more of what is outside of us at the same exact time. It is embedded within us at each moment of clarity for ourselves or the mind of the infinite which is continually flowing regardless of what it is that we are all doing or thinking of on Planet Earth. So to have value is of knowing your own truth for yourself and to be aligned with it without prejudice of religion, spirituality, and or any kind of particular concept. Just know yourself and be yourself with value.


I am valuable and empowered to change what it is that I need to change
The power is not in manipulation but in continual processing with the connections that I am making with my own activity
Do I feel troubled or hurt many times?
Yes of course is the answer but that alone does not make me quiver and jostle to a side of being a full time quitter
It’s just simply not the way because I am not debt
Although our current state of society wants to teach us that we are DEBT first before we are the VALUE
Well I beg to differ and I am here to change all of that as a guide and person of idealistic hope
Transitioning pains and angst to different ways and means of life
It is not always so simple but it is oh so worth the sacrifices
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could create different scenarios for who I am and who you are as well?
I think so because for me it is not about solely self interest it is about love and what that giving grace gives unto myself and others surrounding my vicinity
Through proclivity
Enamored by the universe presenting itself in all possibilities
Even though I am not so arrogant to just ask the Universe or God to just give me everything needed without seeing first that I am more than my so called inadequacies
Even if all of the deficits still reside within me then it is my accountability and my responsibility in overcoming my difficulties and irrationalities with a sensical sense of hopeful equilibrium for the time being that I have in this body
For its a little zany to assert such a value for yourself when you are faced with so much pressures from outside of yourself
Isn’t it?
Yes it’s scary and a little troublesome quite literally
Languages are learned just so that we can be more circulatory and understood fluently with each other interchangeably
The true currency is life itself breathing endlessly
Value what is its true meaning in reality?
How should I see it or act upon it in my own lifetime’s trajectory?
It is such a tremendous process of changing myself from within myself to the outsides of myself that it at times makes me wonder why it is all so needed?
Where is my mind?
It’s there creating it with my heart so much
I’m told to have a long electrical heart arrhythmia but I think that is really just my heart having more of an ability to reach out to others and does it really need to be medicated away to the point that it’s normal again?
Is that so necessary?
In what other ways beyond medications can I regulate my means of value?
Is it in frequencies and sounds and tonal flashes of constancy?
Lately I am thinking so as I am moving about my life tautologically
Epilepsy is more of a shaking mind state of my inefficiencies mixed with efficiencies, normalcy, and a lack of wanting to be in this World of material imprisonment so without the medication I am seizing to places that I am not sure of
But beyond all of this lies the VALUE
It’s always the end of the road result that matters according to what is told to me
I understand through that the faith presiding in me and through the better ways that I see through the lights shining down upon me by the solar sun everyday that there is always VALUE that shows me what is true glory even if it is currently beyond me
That does not matter because its holy and part of what I am motivated by indefinitely
At times I think that I am lower than my own deficiencies present to me but in essence it is not true
I have to work through what I have been given to create my value
To be my VALUE

Connecting to ancestors through meditation

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What is our purpose?

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to empower universal citizens of the World through the means of creating better nations with: care, community advocacy, professionalism, holistic healing modalities, growth, futuristic methods, making solutions, having entertainment, and proper management. This is the essence of the concept of “pure flow” which means purity and fluidity of the heart and mind in conjunction with each other to heal our World together as one.



What are we in need of?

We are in the need of sincere, passionate, and committed individuals who are ready to take on a new way of being.

If you are in need of a new World because you are feeling that the current one that we are living under is not necessarily serving you then we do need your help and support. Our mission is in establishing synergistic connections and business relations that are not only sustainable in practice but also mutually beneficial to all whom are involved in the endeavors that we take part in together.

Therefore we must be together as transparently as possible as opposed to as privately and secretively as possible. The ways of our Earth must change from within ourselves as we grow into more maturity and development.


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Experience Creative Pure existence!


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