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What is a peace officer?

So many of us get so caught up amongst our divisions that we don’t figure out to create solutions and unions. It is simpler to be angry and upset over everything than it is to make peace with our own shadows and self hate. How many of us can determine our own destinies peaceably without being attacked by our own egos and inner troubles? How many really?

What are our biggest fears?

What about our biggest issues of anxiety, depression, issues with violence?

Are we naturally psychopathic? Or is that just a lie told to us by actual psychopaths? (Ex. Humans are naturally greedy)

When will we stop believing and start becoming?

These are deep questions that I am asking myself on a day to day basis and will never quit asking them until I am becoming the solution to all of my questions for myself and anyone else that wants to join me. A peace officer is someone who does not thrive on their “title” but on their sense of knowing and growing from what truly is creating them which is space itself. What can we all relate to right now? Yes in this very moment is the real question at least to me.

Peace officers Solutions

-Growing greenhouses in every major city in the USA and any international cities that want to join in the effort to help end World hunger

-Playing gongs, singing bowls, peaceful piano, drums, and music anywhere that violence is going on right at this very moment

-Using sound therapy as a therapeutic healing power for those who are in trauma, pain, hurt, and needing help

-Confronting others as galactic citizens

-Aiding homeschooling efforts through collaboration, motivation, and inspiration by what skills we possess as officers of peace

-Creating free schools wherever they are not for example the Albany NY Free School as a model

-Preaching, living, and abiding by the philosophy of coexistence with all religions, spiritual creeds, and ideologies through symbolic universal integration and meditation

“The guide is not outside, the guide is within you. One has to go deeper into one’s own being to find the guide.”



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Taking responsibility

How much do we really speak about responsibility? Though how much of it do we really want to take on for ourselves? What about for others?

Even though I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome which is a mild form of Autism which it makes it very difficult for me to be sensitive a lot of times to other people’s issues, I still go on. I still strive to learn more and need to take on the higher divinity within to understand the powers that are without. The space that is out there can be activated within me the more that I see that the dangers and my worst fears are so much a  part of my journey in taking my own responsibility for own problems.

Taking responsibility
By Sean Liebel
Newly illuminated pure flow of emotion centered higher causality
Mind over matter is what has been told to me by a Nation of the Gods and Earths sister but is the mind really the true power?
My heart is 5000 times as strong magnetically as my mind as told to me by the Institute of Heart Math’s Doctor Rollin Mcraty
So positivity brings together my utmost shadows of negativity with the internal heart of neutrality
I just have to be taking responsibility for me
Not you, your brother, your mother, father, and or anyone else politically
But me in a sense of doing it spiritually beyond this physicality
Bringing together survivalist attitude with being your own savior contributionism of Ubuntu philosophy
Yes or in other words it means, “I am what I am because of who we all are”
All of these governments, institutions, banks, religions, and or any kind of organizations or systems can try to tell me that they are the reason that I have peace and honesty
Though seriously that’s all nonsense to me!
It doesn’t make any sense to me and never has since I have been diagnosed with disorders and health issues at birth
You never can give rights to people because they have them naturally
If I don’t follow you then that means I don’t flow with your frequency
You get me?
If you don’t then that’s perfectly fine by me because I have to take on the responsibility for me
I have to take on the responsibility to make the meanings and ideas on because its my own power of who I am beyond this into the realms of infinity
Trusting in love in times of danger
Realizing that even the notion of time itself can be a facet of total control used by those that want it for their own sense of psychopathy and need for rule over others just to live like vampires quite possibly
I’m not feeling that way of living and never have
So my mind and heart are capacitors of natural electricity being pulled into me through opening up portals of channels that space can grant me
In a sense it can help me
Taking responsibility
Healing the inner child to bring in the adult not of ending the learning process through means of modern day retirement but of constant progress and learning evidently
You see it is difficult to cut through all of what is derogatory
All of what is negatively possessing you or might be keeping you down in certain portals of reality like as if you are owned and controlled by them
Its not always true
Shake your head, heart, and body away from all of the lies
Until you are wearing a new disguise with the good guys
Ram Ayana told me of the New Illuminati that “The mind isn’t in the brain, the brain is in the mind
In this reality I mean honestly I feel so confined
Especially when systems of corporations are the World’s sense of tranquility
I’m told to use my best abilities and be the best in my specialty but see I want many specialties
Not just straight up one for career minded mentality
Premises bringing the need of higher responsibility
Which potentially needs far more intelligence than just intellectual property and laws that are just that laws
When my consciousness is mostly on what is imaginary with the vision of freeing myself from my worst fears of irresponsibility
To me its all about spiritual solutions not political ones and taking responsibility


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Wealth. An issue most of us have. Are we really sure we have it though?

Are you ready to be fully confident and independent of all of your abilities and skills? What is your destination in life? Or are you still trying to define it?

What about your definition of what your reality really is?

What is the meaning of life?

What is your meaning for your existence?

Can you make your meaning for your existence only into just one area? Or can it be within many areas?

Many of us today will yell at money as being the “root of all evil” or being the deathbed of our current society when it merely is a tool that can serve all sides of all people. When we look out into the marketplaces of our stores, malls, online shops, and other places we find total abundance. Its not evil or good necessarily it is just a bunch of resources placed within tenets of wealth amongst our planet Earth with its 185 nations and 7 main seas. People must be ready to change their minds on wealth in order to have more of it. We can all say we are wealthy but that really means nothing if you aren’t ready to act on all of that wealth on behalf of your family, friends, and the rest of your Nation and for your planet. This simply is like having a bunch of food on your farm and just talking about it being wealthy but not letting others have your goods. Hoarding never is a way to give in a vast way. So that being said another way of viewing “money” is like seeing it as a current of the sea and just a tool of energy being given and received currently which just like any tool can be evolved out of into something different anyways.

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Re-educate the soul

Can you re-educate your soul with infinite consciousness and empowerment from the Universe itself? Can you take the words “I AM” and feel the need for actions afterwards that will bring you prosperity and life? I am not sure but that is truly up to you.

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The Free World Charter

The Free World Charter An innovative way to go about how the World works alongside a 10 point constitution of making everything free. Let us stop looking for saviors outside of ourselves. Let us all be saviors and changes for this planet together as the man in this video explains. Let us all be leaders and become responsible for our lives.

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Healthy eating habits

10 Healthy Eating Habits Most Americans Don’t Know!

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It is a real conundrum to separate the healthy from the unhealthy food these days. However, that’s only the first part of the puzzle.

Knowing when is the right time to eat, how many times per day would be ideal and what’s the right amount is maybe even more important.

Now add up your daily schedule, work, money and responsibilities and you have an equation impossible to solve.

On the top of that all the “right” information is changing daily and the things you thought are healthy for you science proves to be actually unhealthy.

To make things even more confusing there are countless of organizations which care only for your money and “feed” you with wrong information to gain your desperate trust.

What hell is this? How can someone possibly know the rules of eating healthy in this mess?

What healthy eating habits should we follow?

Well there are people who can teach us all we need to know, we just need to observe them.

These people are not scientists, they are not even smarter than us, but they do something we forgot how to do. They listen to their body!

Science also proves by recent studies that eating healthy is not a formula but a constant awareness of your body’s needs at the exact moment.

By observing these people from all around the world we discovered 10 habits they all share.

These are the 10 healthy eating habits most Americans and maybe even most of the world forgot.

1. Don’t skip on your snack

Healthy Snacks3 times per day is an ideal plan for eating. However, we usually forget about the snacks in between.

A healthy snack, despite giving you the nutrients your body needs, will fill you enough to avoid overeating your main course.

This is how a natural, balanced and healthy eating schedule looks like: Breakfast, Fruit and Veggie snack or smoothie, Lunch, Nuts and Seeds snack, Dinner.

2. Drink water instead of everything else

Drink water instead of anything elseMany people have a habit to drink sodas or other sugary drinks while eating. This is a BIG no no. This is the body’s sign telling us we are not listening its needs or consciously going against them.

When people listen to their body, eat sweet when their body asks for sweet, drink water when their body is thirsty and consume carbohydrates when their body asks for carbohydrates, they have no urge to drink anything while eating.

Their instinct is to drink water 30 min before the course and an hour after which is scientifically proven to be the healthiest choice. A great shortcut to rebalance is to choose water and avoid drinking anything else.

3. Don’t stand while eating

Don't eat standing upMost of us have a habit to stand while eating. Many others lack the time to sit down in a restaurant and eat like humans so they choose eating on the way.

No matter how busy your schedule is, a time for eating your meal seated should be your priority. Everyone has 30 minutes to sit and eat, and if you don’t have make some.

You are probably not prioritizing your meal time enough. You must understand that nothing is more important than your well being. Get up early if you need but eat seated.

4. Eat until you are 80% fullEat until you are less than full healthy eating habitJapanese people honor this habit most of all while eating. Their ancient teachings tell about scientific fact recently discovered.

There is an important delay when it comes to feeling full. The signal that your body is full to reach your mind needs around 20 minutes.

Having a habit to eat until just a little bit before feeling completely full is a healthy “cheat” to avoid overeating. Eat until you are 80% full Japanese people teach us.

5. Lunch should include a dessert

Eat a dessert healthy eating habitMoney hungry companies and diet commercials have washed our brain that we should avoid dessert at all costs.

Your body says no. Using a moderate amount of so called unhealthy food, just a tiny dessert after lunch is actually healthy on the bigger picture.

You were not created yesterday. You are a product of all the ancestors before you and your DNA is programmed to survive in the unhealthy world we live in today. This is not done by avoiding everything that’s unhealthy but finding a healthy balance.

6. Don’t leave your largest meal for dinner

Largest meal is not dinnerIf you are eating as you go, not listening to your body’s needs you are probably leaving your largest meals for dinner as you have more spare time then.

This is not balanced or healthy because your body needs its large meals before 3pm. You are not as active at night as you are in the first half of your awakened day.

Not eating a decent amount of food when your body needs it the most is like driving your car 60 miles per hour in the second gear. Breakfast 40%, Lunch 30%, Dinner 20%, and Snacks 10% of your daily calorie intake is a healthy ratio.

7. Try to guess the ingredients with your sense of taste

Enjoy Every Bite healthy eating habitIt is funny how less of an importance we give to our sense of smell and taste. We depend so much on our sight and neglect all the other worlds we can explore with our other senses.

Try to be better than that. Try to improve your sense of taste by guessing the ingredients of your food. It is a new world, believe me.

This will help you sense what’s healthy and what’s not without checking the back of the package. It will also install a healthy tempo of eating in your paradigm.

8. Don’t eat after dinner

Don't eat late At night healthy eating habitIf you create a healthy daily schedule your body will instinctively avoid eating after dinner.

The habit we observed that people do is finishing their eating, daily career with dinner.

Your body functions best if your last meal of the day is at least 6 hours before sleeping.

9. Don’t just eat, enjoy every single bite

Guess The taste healthy eating habitMany old people have a saying, “eat less, chew more”.

Eating should not be only for survival, we have grown bigger than that. Eating should be a dance of tastes, a symphony of different instruments playing on your tongue.

Enjoy your bites, feel them. Feel the pleasure of eating by being aware that each taste had its own story of coming on your plate and uniting with all the others to create the uniqueness you are experiencing inside your mouth.

10. Honor what you put in your body

Honor your food healthy eating habitsAs we went into the industrialization epoch a lot of values have been forgotten due to the abundance of products. Honor of eating was one of them.

We have created countless options available in just around any corner of our cities. This ease of access to food made us lose the meaning behind eating.

Everything you put in your body becomes a part of your body. Our bodies change their every single atom in 7 years so all that your body is now is what you consumed these 7 years.


YOU are not your body, YOU are the FREQUENCY that holds the atoms together.

Honor your food by being the best FREQUENCY you can imagine, Honor your body by giving it the best food to build itself with.

Listen to your body as it understands itself best. The secret to health is not a formula to follow, but a balance between you and your environment.

I would love to hear some of your healthy eating habits! Share with the world what’s a healthy eating habit only you know.

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YaCy- An alternative to Google search?

YaCy is an alternative decentralized free search engine that was created with the sole purpose of not being under the control of one company or one individual. In a sense it was created with the intention of not being considered a monopoly. According to YaCy it states that,”all users of the search engine network are equal, the network does not store user search requests and it is not possible for anyone to censor the content of the shared index. We want to achieve freedom of information through a free, distributed web search which is powered by the world’s users. ”

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