There are so many protests going on right now in this very moment in histoy, so many diseases, so many disorders, and troubles. Though what is your way out? Have you thought about it? Have you considered embracing change? Embracing something more than just what exists here on planet Earth? Or maybe you just don’t want to think that matters because oh that’s the question of the belief in “God” right? What is your way of embracing?

Embracing change is by far the best quality to have during times of danger and the ability to build new models literally saves yourself and others when everything else is seeming to fall around you. So don’t lose your faith in elevation but in fact embrace it with joy and resilience. It will do you good to know where you are not as skilled and to work on what truly empowers you instead. This way of being helps not just yourself but your entire family, neighborhood, community, county, country, and or believe it or not potentially your entire continent that you live on. Our ability to transcend our difficulties is always spoken on but the lack of acting towards better management of self leads us to failure in society.

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