Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic consciousness
Sean K. Liebel
Cosmic flowing interplay of connectedness that is majestic/It’s all poetic/
A true self knows by imagination being totally artistic/
Ideation is the creation and competition is too basic/
It’s not the future it’s the moment that is mystic/ 
Needing to elevate/Electrify the brain because it’s needed for my fate/
The Astronomer Halton Arp stated it on his chalk slate/
Galaxies connect in the red at any rate/Consciousness is the power that makes and can create/Boldness is the approach/
The spirit does coach/The insight into the brain from outside of me/Into me/It’s because it happens all environmentally/Also internally until I reach infinity/
Energy is electricity because its magnetic currents that are distributed!/
Electricity is straight consciousness flowing without much hatred/
You see I understand the hatred then move past it/
It’s all in the day to day meditation that’s never mediated/
I just go with it until arrogance and ignorance stands corrected/
Blessed mindfulness is the way of the cosmos/
Emotions get mastered with time is the pathos/
Peace out of love is the logos/
It’s beyond the dollar, gold, currencies, diamonds, and Pesos/
You see money is love with all angles/Keeping the cosmic consciousness well rounded like mangoes/
Knowing truth for yourself and cosmic consciousness follows/
Part II
There’s so much anger because of mental electric breakdown and disaster/
Is it terror or just a cracked mirror?/I think it’s a cracked mirror/It’s not the true self that is clearer/
It’s about aligning with cosmic rays in the universal gaze/The ways are there to follow for days/
One can go on meditating/
Thunderbolts of brain power are coming/
Like lightning!/Yes good wording/
Yet isn’t the whole collective of humanity having a seizure of consciousness that it’s undergoing?/Back and forth from fear to love to fear and loving/
 To neutral yet shouldn’t we all just be collaborating/
Cooperating and not just continually beating/Each other over our heads with economic terrorizing/
Psychic collective demonizing/
Hatred and warring/When warring has occurred first in the minds and hearts its distressing/
Health care is fragmented and should be curing/
If the body is electric then balance it/
The universe is electric so communicate with it/
Dissociate the body from who you really are/
The love of becoming the spirit that needs to be makes it real by far/Cosmic God divine consciousness is the motivational star/While fools with lies continue to spar/
Part III
The spirit is moving in every breath around you and purely/
You can feel it insight fully/
The anger is misunderstood as something that is known internally/
As a negative charge of the body’s electricity/
The subconscious works perfectly/Trillions of cells understanding each other but not nervously/
Like the nervous system of the human body/
The nervous quality is only how you see it perceptively/Diseases come in yet the healthy system ruins them by knowing of growth with its lighting healing torches/
The spirit is taking courses into knowledge until it resides in me as resonance and please do not see me as one of the menaces/
I am you if you can know how emotions connect you to everything telepathically/
Do not be angry if the spirit needs to be understood cosmically/
A creative force that exists as you and me that brings about our true equality/Separation only exists on lower levels of frequency or degree/Universal intelligence is not organized into individual faculties or not limited by individuality/
My consciousness is not only in my brain scientifically/
It is affecting others non locally/
Yet if I awaken please do not make me into a messiah or follow me/Lead yourself and ask the cosmic energy to propel you into infinity/It is far greater than just about humanity/Start seeing how you have made it not so through allowing limitations to your true nature constantly/
These limitations are known by TV/
Advertisements of what to buy and when for better or higher prices for quantity/
Or maybe quality/
True knowledge is known cosmically and internally/
It has to communicate to greater depths than any dream you have ever had subconsciously/
 Act truthfully/See yourself abundantly/Your true essence is in everything around you the spirit resides in and the idea of “owning” the truth only creates misery/The organizations and businesses made today are just reflections of what we already area and or want to be/
The true me is a star of brilliant illuminated luminosity/
So I travel back to it when I’m in the light/This me I call myself is only known symbolically it is not true sight/Cosmic intensity follows me through the night/Cosmic consciousness is our shared plight/

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