Wealth. An issue most of us have. Are we really sure we have it though?

Are you ready to be fully confident and independent of all of your abilities and skills? What is your destination in life? Or are you still trying to define it?

What about your definition of what your reality really is?

What is the meaning of life?

What is your meaning for your existence?

Can you make your meaning for your existence only into just one area? Or can it be within many areas?

Many of us today will yell at money as being the “root of all evil” or being the deathbed of our current society when it merely is a tool that can serve all sides of all people. When we look out into the marketplaces of our stores, malls, online shops, and other places we find total abundance. Its not evil or good necessarily it is just a bunch of resources placed within tenets of wealth amongst our planet Earth with its 185 nations and 7 main seas. People must be ready to change their minds on wealth in order to have more of it. We can all say we are wealthy but that really means nothing if you aren’t ready to act on all of that wealth on behalf of your family, friends, and the rest of your Nation and for your planet. This simply is like having a bunch of food on your farm and just talking about it being wealthy but not letting others have your goods. Hoarding never is a way to give in a vast way. So that being said another way of viewing “money” is like seeing it as a current of the sea and just a tool of energy being given and received currently which just like any tool can be evolved out of into something different anyways.

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