What is a peace officer?

So many of us get so caught up amongst our divisions that we don’t figure out to create solutions and unions. It is simpler to be angry and upset over everything than it is to make peace with our own shadows and self hate. How many of us can determine our own destinies peaceably without being attacked by our own egos and inner troubles? How many really?

What are our biggest fears?

What about our biggest issues of anxiety, depression, issues with violence?

Are we naturally psychopathic? Or is that just a lie told to us by actual psychopaths? (Ex. Humans are naturally greedy)

When will we stop believing and start becoming?

These are deep questions that I am asking myself on a day to day basis and will never quit asking them until I am becoming the solution to all of my questions for myself and anyone else that wants to join me. A peace officer is someone who does not thrive on their “title” but on their sense of knowing and growing from what truly is creating them which is space itself. What can we all relate to right now? Yes in this very moment is the real question at least to me.

Peace officers Solutions

-Growing greenhouses in every major city in the USA and any international cities that want to join in the effort to help end World hunger

-Playing gongs, singing bowls, peaceful piano, drums, and music anywhere that violence is going on right at this very moment

-Using sound therapy as a therapeutic healing power for those who are in trauma, pain, hurt, and needing help

-Confronting others as galactic citizens

-Aiding homeschooling efforts through collaboration, motivation, and inspiration by what skills we possess as officers of peace

-Creating free schools wherever they are not for example the Albany NY Free School as a model

-Preaching, living, and abiding by the philosophy of coexistence with all religions, spiritual creeds, and ideologies through symbolic universal integration and meditation

“The guide is not outside, the guide is within you. One has to go deeper into one’s own being to find the guide.”



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