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Courage & StrengthElectricBlame

By Sean K. Liebel

We are so quick to say its this guy or that gal 

Or that organization, monetary system, and or maybe someone else

Who is to blame?

Should I blame government?

Or my lack of participation in new systemic interactivity?

Spirituality isn’t a practice to me it simply means life

Though the blame always goes somewhere else

The balance takes itself outside of the internal self which it NEVER should

You can’t do that if you truly want to elevate yourself out of where you are and never ever will if you don’t go with internal balance

The message always gets played out or stated too often but is it really?

So many times even with telepathy and so called paranormal activity the same messages are parlayed unto us

I mean aren’t they?

Come on let us be serious about our blame 

Our blame going outside of ourselves is like saying to ourselves that the plant can grow without the seeds in our current reality and even easily so

Not true

Not going to happen

We need those seeds in order to make the roots be known amidst ourselves yes although the blame of who is wrong is never what is needed to be focused upon

Ok at least too much here on Earth because we are all trying to balance out our polarity into equanimity magnanimously

Forgetting the vanity

Despising it indefinitely

Living mind is what I want 

I do not want to go blaming the bankers, the news anchors, the religions pranksters, the mafia dealers, drug dealers, Communists, leftists, anarchists, capitalists, and or any kinds of ists, isms, or any forms of ideological twists

Applications and stuff that currently exists

That is if I can’t truly improve any of it then my spirit can’t really live to make it better and I’m blaming everything else besides myself for the failures of the reminder of ABUNDANCE

Which is what lies before me not poverty

Fortune and what is fortunate is what is before me 


Opposites are the best for polarity not what is similar 

So we always learn best from accomplishing what is taught to us by our enemies

We hate it when we refer to others as “deities” even though we worship entities as Gods and Goddesses of our existence

Blaming our problems on everything else besides ourselves

Wondering what or why our subconscious receiving portal brings into us what we truly do not want for ourselves without changing how it can be for ourselves

Yes with the blame

Our aim has always been the blame on things external to our being

No wonder why nuclear weaponry is about splitting atoms and materials just to get to the point of destruction 

When we don’t need to destroy in order to create necessarily

We can create from ourselves rightfully

Although I even want to continue blaming everything else for what ails me instead of me

Instead of myself

Doesn’t this predicament play itself out Worldly with archetypes subconsciously?

Doesn’t this blame game start from childhood blossoming into adulthood without anyone wanting to claim full responsibility?

Are Earth can be improved only when we are seeing ourselves abundantly and acting accordingly

Ascending completely out of what is now deemed ordinary

The blaming is out of the question other than for saying I am needing improvement to help society

I am my own savior not Christ or any prophet outside of me in all honesty

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Invoke the abundance that is before you

Invoke the abundance that lies before you and know that it can become yours with time. Life is living and infinite in mind, body, and the breath of the life that is given unto you each and every adorning day that you live on this planet Earth. However we all need to work on how to correspond with what is higher than us which is what is beyond us in this current moment as measurement ultimately plays its part in this very way indeed. Our complacency in not doing so is what truly has held us back in any way from progressing forward in our endeavors because our lack of trust and allowance of divinity to come into us has kept us from getting more creative flow continually. You see we all truly know this ultimately subconsciously I truly believe which is why we even find ourselves admitting this truth to ourselves so often of those whom are so much more creative than us at this given time on our planet, falsely saying to ourselves that we cannot have that kind of creativity too because simply we aren’t that smart or gifted. Just not true but we are so programmed and conditioned to accept this kind of thinking that we only use 4-5% of our brains and such which is simply not realistic to believe in its own right, to me its far more like 90% of our brains are closed by our own choice not to want to use that kind of capability. Maybe just maybe our brain power is only allowed as we ALLOW it be accessed more and more just like gates need to be unlocked well our practice of higher mindfulness gets accessed more and more by allowing more consciousness into us from what is abundant in our Universe which is life.

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Renaissance rising. Existing in a colossal time and space.

Having the ability sometimes may mean plenty of things.

Sometimes we appear dull. Using our other side as a survival tactic.

It’s best to remain willing to supply energy to a place where your presence may  not be appreciated.

Who truly needs to be in a space with any individual with a hostile frame ?

Coping with plenty different wavelength frequencies that may challenge the righteous mind.

Service is the solution to sound heart. Giving outside of our own sacred realm is one the most compassionate and Dragonfly_Valentine_by_syaconsiderate acts.

Humble heart (s) healing a humble soul(s)

Awakening to our symbolic nature.

Clearance and serenity.

Heart cryst. Bold alike the infinite trails of healing waters.

A shift in thinking pattern is a must.

Transcendence is made simple by experience, circumstance, swirled with free will/choice.

Therefore forcing flesh to surrender to the creative magic that sparks ab-original mind, after silly choice.

Express your history using a holistic approach. Knew discoveries.

It’s time we give meat a chance to reproduce and repopulate their breed.

One of the most heart breaking things to eye witness on this dimension, is oil in the water.

We deserve to awaken to our inheritance in order to sustain wealth for our future generations.

We must trust that they will pivot in a positive manner.

Gracing faith with the eternal tools polishing and resurfacing wisdom.

Transforming  state of existing.

Numbers will always tell the tale.

Taking the time about to be scene as a walking sacrifice.

Taking the time out to be scene as a walking sacrifice. Mankind created time-

May you be open to source InnerG

May you be open to source InnerG

Think responsibly ...!!!

Think responsibly …!!!

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Pure Flow Radio Online Radio by Pure Flow XChange | BlogTalkRadio.

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Stop pretending. Exhibit your worth. Don’t hide it.

To trade goods and services is a natural right of all people. To issue the money necessary to make these exchanges is also the natural right of all people who are intelligent enough to do so. We need not beg for money. We do not need to be money slaves: we can be money masters. When we have become money masters we shall master all our economic and political problems.

-E.C. Reigel

            Stop talking about anything that simply you think will make you WORTHY until you actually act on any of it with your own inner value to be exhibited outwardly. To me this is true balance and not just merely saying that I am wealthy, spiritual, and or any of that. If I am not giving my skills to the World and people by my own decisions then I am merely kidding myself about how valuable I am deeming myself to be if even in the physical temporal form that I am existing within right in this very moment and amongst life itself. I am not wealthy financially right now but hope to be within the next five years. Life is so much a balance of what you give out to the World and by withholding yourself from the World you are hurting yourself so much. I know this personally based on how much I have made myself a victim of my health circumstances and Asperger’s/Autism learning disorders as specified by the Center for Disease Control of the United States Government.

As stated to my inner voice that tells me I am not worthy many times:

Quit pretending when you are telling me that you are so worthy of GOD or the LORD as if it represents humankind at all

How could it when so many other forms and objects exist within this Universe?

Telling me that they channel certain kinds of beings from Pleiadians, Archons, Annunakis, Lemurians, and others but it all does not matter when there is so much more

What is truly real in all of this so called reality?

I’m a messenger 

An avenger

A challenger

A constant questioner

Keep the resonance moving and receiving


An answer can take a literal lifetime to go about attempting to fulfill so stop just merely saying YES to complex questions

Answer them deeper and further than than that 

Also broader than that

If you can’t then quit pretending

It does not help your pseudo religious front of supposed healing

Further questioning and acting towards and with that approach actually helps far more in actuality

Its not the fake superficiality

It’s substantial and critical to be an individual questioner and your own fortune teller

You seem so great with your money game but what’s your spiritual elevation purpose for your peers out in communities of all colors?

You never are about that because you are about spiritual material Biblical limitation 

Not further questioning

So quit pretending

Hoarding knowledge helps you to know your own ledge in order to break free from the limitations of being limited within your own edge of self

Never anything else

The infinity of all can not simply be known just your own self alone as there are so many facets of all of creation to  be truly undertaken

You are just one of the specimens

Humility is not about ignorance at all it is about the willingness to learn more than you have accepted yourself to learn thus far

If you don’t then you are simply pretending to be mightier and higher than others

There is so much to be pure about and creative about and learned about

Its like that isn’t it?

Having the ability and then making it your own capability

Magic in the true sense of transcending


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P2P Foundation





P2P Foundation.

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Who do you think you are?

Who are you?


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