Anarchy. What truly is it to be your own savior?

What is anarchy?

Can we truly believe or even know that there is an end to any of our questions?

Truly is “psychologically” knowing things all we can do?

Or is there more to individuality and uniqueness than all of this?

Flow is not in constrictions but a sense of being able to constantly begin new things because the only constant in so called reality is change. Right? Or not? Anarchy speaks of this in ways in which it states that people should not steal from others or have to take from others just to create their own destinies such as a government itself above them. To me we all claim that our supposed prophets of all of our religions and forms of different kinds of spirituality are our saviors, when that isn’t really true because in the end YOU and only YOU are working with that same space as yourself, me, and all other human beings on this planet Earth that is. There are no middlemen and or middle women at all for you to go to for saving yourself especially if you do not really relate to them in your daily life then it is just your imagination that any of these so called prophets are there. Creating our own terms between each one of ourselves doesn’t have to be enforced for ALL people and can instead be done from individual to individual and group to group, and region to region by each person’s cooperative group or selves in general. We do not need authorities elected by us to do it on our behalf if we ourselves can make up our own terms between ourselves.

Save yourselves by trusting yourselves.

Embrace anarchy.

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