What does healing mean?

What is its purpose in life?

What can we do to make ourselves heal faster?

Is it possible to heal holistically and naturally?

Do not just answer me right away when thinking of such questions as these because that would not be doing justice to such strong and purposeful life questions. The questions of our lives often bring us further along the path of our freedom which do not make us “hippies,””nut cases,” “kooks,” etc. Honestly I would rather be called crazy than normal any day of the week and any second of any year of my life.

Why limit ourselves based on our notions of fear of healing who we are?

Who we are BECOMING?

The only constant in life is CHANGE.

By Sean K. Liebel
It’s like I’m sensing all of what is coming. A different kind of being.
Can you?
Or am I just dreaming?
Am I dreaming?
Or am I believing?
Or am I just seeing?
What isn’t already there oh yes I am healing
Emotional sense is growing
Artistic flair comes out in vernacular
Real power is in the vibration of the flower
Put the seed into the ground and watch it foster
Foster into something far greater
Yet it is all a manifestation of what is known by yourself
If not then what else?
Your true nature is something much better than twelve cranial nerves
I feel as though the consciousness makes for everything even the people who think like herds
You know just all in one group and do not truly understand for their own
I am trying to be known
Yet not to be bragged about too much
That is not why I need to heal because bragging would make me a klutz
Understanding mathematics in numbers teaches of the interconnection
It’s all flowing as my own experiential mission
My own purpose yet a shared purpose amongst 7 billion
Maybe one quintillion stars in spiritual progression
Healing a term of opportunity that is only seen by resourceful vision
Healing moves past depression but includes it in temporary conscious direction
It’s all in recovering from what is draconian
My mission is to bring the heart in alignment with the brain
Healing making me take away pain
The spirit produced me so what is the need to complain?
I take medicines yet should I feel strain?
Or should I feel the gain?
Being led by the heart and everything that all just helps the spirit to maintain
I want the spirit to lead me because the experience is what makes me
Molds me
Heals me entirely
Knowledge comes slowly
Yet so does healing in precious times that are timely
Yet life is a series of moments so I guess it is all momentary
I am a spiritual warrior trying to remember the powers that I have inside of me
Healing with gratitude, grace, peace, and beauty
Healing visually, spiritually, physically, in practicality, and in pure quality
Healing is about being blessed in righteous possibility

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