TruthListen in
When you listen in the most profound insights can come to you if you can hear beyond the notion of what is known as “time”
Is time just a made up fiction for us to regulate ourselves with what we deem now to be realistic?
What even is realistic?
Why don’t we ask ourselves that question very often?
These times right now are dangerous if you don’t have a hold over your own consciousness or sense of it
Many family members get lost in the abyss of what is and how they can create from fears
Troubling mastering self when its only finite to what is Worldly
Its why I listen in closely to what is known within
I connect by sounds and what is not seen with human eyes
There is nothing wrong with this kind of connecting as many of us have it but choose not to listen to it
Do not try even answering my way of listening
Im hearing even when Im sleeping
I can always listen into what is beyond
Its not being a prophet its being my own guide
To that I do oblige
Psychological is far from cosmic in the sense that cosmic is continually scalable
We must wake up to our honest reality of what we really are instead of what we are pretending to be

Listen into TRUE SELF

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