Courage & StrengthElectricBlame

By Sean K. Liebel

We are so quick to say its this guy or that gal 

Or that organization, monetary system, and or maybe someone else

Who is to blame?

Should I blame government?

Or my lack of participation in new systemic interactivity?

Spirituality isn’t a practice to me it simply means life

Though the blame always goes somewhere else

The balance takes itself outside of the internal self which it NEVER should

You can’t do that if you truly want to elevate yourself out of where you are and never ever will if you don’t go with internal balance

The message always gets played out or stated too often but is it really?

So many times even with telepathy and so called paranormal activity the same messages are parlayed unto us

I mean aren’t they?

Come on let us be serious about our blame 

Our blame going outside of ourselves is like saying to ourselves that the plant can grow without the seeds in our current reality and even easily so

Not true

Not going to happen

We need those seeds in order to make the roots be known amidst ourselves yes although the blame of who is wrong is never what is needed to be focused upon

Ok at least too much here on Earth because we are all trying to balance out our polarity into equanimity magnanimously

Forgetting the vanity

Despising it indefinitely

Living mind is what I want 

I do not want to go blaming the bankers, the news anchors, the religions pranksters, the mafia dealers, drug dealers, Communists, leftists, anarchists, capitalists, and or any kinds of ists, isms, or any forms of ideological twists

Applications and stuff that currently exists

That is if I can’t truly improve any of it then my spirit can’t really live to make it better and I’m blaming everything else besides myself for the failures of the reminder of ABUNDANCE

Which is what lies before me not poverty

Fortune and what is fortunate is what is before me 


Opposites are the best for polarity not what is similar 

So we always learn best from accomplishing what is taught to us by our enemies

We hate it when we refer to others as “deities” even though we worship entities as Gods and Goddesses of our existence

Blaming our problems on everything else besides ourselves

Wondering what or why our subconscious receiving portal brings into us what we truly do not want for ourselves without changing how it can be for ourselves

Yes with the blame

Our aim has always been the blame on things external to our being

No wonder why nuclear weaponry is about splitting atoms and materials just to get to the point of destruction 

When we don’t need to destroy in order to create necessarily

We can create from ourselves rightfully

Although I even want to continue blaming everything else for what ails me instead of me

Instead of myself

Doesn’t this predicament play itself out Worldly with archetypes subconsciously?

Doesn’t this blame game start from childhood blossoming into adulthood without anyone wanting to claim full responsibility?

Are Earth can be improved only when we are seeing ourselves abundantly and acting accordingly

Ascending completely out of what is now deemed ordinary

The blaming is out of the question other than for saying I am needing improvement to help society

I am my own savior not Christ or any prophet outside of me in all honesty

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