Invoke the abundance that is before you

Invoke the abundance that lies before you and know that it can become yours with time. Life is living and infinite in mind, body, and the breath of the life that is given unto you each and every adorning day that you live on this planet Earth. However we all need to work on how to correspond with what is higher than us which is what is beyond us in this current moment as measurement ultimately plays its part in this very way indeed. Our complacency in not doing so is what truly has held us back in any way from progressing forward in our endeavors because our lack of trust and allowance of divinity to come into us has kept us from getting more creative flow continually. You see we all truly know this ultimately subconsciously I truly believe which is why we even find ourselves admitting this truth to ourselves so often of those whom are so much more creative than us at this given time on our planet, falsely saying to ourselves that we cannot have that kind of creativity too because simply we aren’t that smart or gifted. Just not true but we are so programmed and conditioned to accept this kind of thinking that we only use 4-5% of our brains and such which is simply not realistic to believe in its own right, to me its far more like 90% of our brains are closed by our own choice not to want to use that kind of capability. Maybe just maybe our brain power is only allowed as we ALLOW it be accessed more and more just like gates need to be unlocked well our practice of higher mindfulness gets accessed more and more by allowing more consciousness into us from what is abundant in our Universe which is life.

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