Where can we attain the balance?

Is it in our rhythm?

Or lack of it?

Is it in our sense of individuality?

Or is it in our collectivity?

What is better to have: Extremity or nothing?

“The truth is extreme, to make moderate is to lie.”

Is what is told to me but what about the balance in between the extreme?

You certainly need to manage the middle as well in between the extreme which is the ultimate goal of attaining peace within. I am not going to tell you to give up any of your beliefs/religions/forms of spirituality, etcetera as that would be wrong of me but just gain peace for yourself. Gain balance for yourself and see to it how that is in the outside World that lies outside of you or seems to be outside of you though really is not and is a part of you right now.

You tell me. I’m just trying to find a balance, to build a balance between it all amongst all of the tumultuous traumas, dramas, crimes, murders, deforestation, and all of the chaos in the World today. I’ve been told to believe that I’m a God of some sort but I don’t agree with that at all, its too arrogant to think so; I’d rather be humble and know where I’m ignorant. The possibilities are always there and always will be yet they are only open when we open up our own sense of balance.


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