Dont Be Hated For The Wrong Reasons

Don’t be hated for the wrong reasons

By Sean K Liebel

Don’t be hated for the wrong reasons was told to me by someone seemingly wiser in the moment it was stated

Clear cut and to the point is the message of not proselytizing others too much if they can’t understand you for you then do not let them

Just let them be their own perception amongst universal cosmic consciousness

Monstrousness of ego tendency does not really need to be if it is not really working for how you interact with reality

For truth is a pathless land said Jiddu Krishnamurti in 1929 so audaciously

In an age of followers I really don’t want transactional followers

More actual friends are needed not social notifications and Governmental observers

If I am saying too much of how I am disliking this I might get scorned and hated 

So many of us are on different waves and different perceptions and should be tolerated for where they are and left alone for who they are

That was supposed to be the quote on quote American Way

Until I heard one of my fellow poetic friends get arrested for symbolically attacking the President of the United States

They say that was from the NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act or not respecting the President with hatred

So I decided to understand the situation from above the disdain, the hate, the agony, the divisiveness, and all of this he said, she said blame game tactics

The race wars and any need for activism other than an inner self growing heart cataclysm

You see because you can count me out of governmental appreciation I’m for decisive anarchism

I have decided to move on even if I’m ahead of the people on Earth by about 50 years or so 

Possibly I’m alien anyways but who cares?

I’m not going to get hated for the wrong reasons and get appreciated for helping my comrades rise up together 

For what really even is reality anyways?

Wondering if it is undertaken sadistically?



Through only anonymity?

Or clarity?

All sound frequencies?


What has been reflecting a lot of the same message lately has been the need for too much validation 

Too much title and too much self authorization

It has reminded me within myself of all the entropy within as well with the thoughts and feelings

Though not trying to convince or manipulate others only believing what I am believing or knowing

That is not fair to them even if I have so called mental disorders by societal standards I’m understanding above all that basically everybody is their own person with their own unique ways about them and interests that should be respected and not just shunned and scorned although so many of us have done this including myself so many times! 

Good and bad teach profound lessons and knowing of my own impact on our World regardless of what happens outside of me helps me see clearer and center myself further

Its absolutely right in saying not to be hated for the wrong reasons when often times I just am practically proseltyzing my “ideologies onto others” to see if they stick and when they don’t I have gotten irritated or so mad usually but that is because of me not anyone else!

Do not try to sell your self short or give into illusions of being someone you are not

There is truth that is needed to be known the inner self always is telling me to reveal even further to let myself be grown

Time is now and always sewn

Part II

I’m Releasing self from all of the grieving for past doings 

It’s just really depending on the circumstances of the moments lived

What is it that aggravates mind the most?

In what dosage?

Should I be hated for this or is it a wrong reason?

It’s a wrong reason and I will stay creating 

Differences are only really amongst our physical natures and not in the energy we all consume our lives by

You see its so intriguing that I can’t always get past arrogance or fear or troubles in self unless I am gonging them out of myself!

Sound is the way of the future if used correctly  

Is it your way for your future too?

Or is it something much different for you that you have decided to live your passions by?

Your desires by?

You see highly creative people have minds that never slow down

We challenge the status quo regularly and without any sense of causality it just happens naturally

Embracing genius when other people are not doing it that does not matter

Adding to that there is always a difficulty to stay on the task at hand

One of the key things to recognize about things also is that you are your own representative/politician/spiritual power coming from the universal higher mind and consciousness

Political “voting” is asking for “outside/external” assistance and not really seeking your own inner strength

 All of which is the old way of doing what has to be done and it is childish 

Which truly is why so many of the people do not “vote” anymore because from a higher consciousness they might be seeing that it is unnecessary to do so

Why “vote” for someone who doesn’t know you personally? 

What good does that really do? 

Who knows you better than anyone else? 

You yourself! 

So the greatest impact is not so much on who is the next president because I am my own president and my own master of my own life in this physical frame that I am amongst right now in this moment

It is not some leader who has the “title” of it representing me as that power since he or she needs my approval regardless of what they say and do

It is not necessarily because of “apathy”that people do not “vote” and much more because of not believing in their own power internally to impact others and be their own representative from their own authority which is their own self. Also there is so much nonsense wars being fought over sheer stupidity and egotism all over the World right now. So maybe just maybe many of the people are actually not voting because they are resisting what they do not want in life also known as “evil, massive debts, more ignorance, objectification of men, women, races, religions, etcetera” 

Also remember the spiritual solution or the impact we have as a whole can be far more powerful than merely selecting individuals simply to try to do that for all of us which to me is foolishness

Seriously we also should not be so willing to think of people as being “apathetic” for not wanting to participate in old garbage that stinks because maybe the WHOLE GARBAGE BIN just needs to be tossed out for our new ways of doing things which may not necessarily have anything to do with political changes

Having far more to do with spiritual changes from our own selves

Amongst the cosmic consciousness of all existence

Changing from within and focusing on taking back our power from fears, troubles, and strife in our World

 So the question to me is why even bother voting? 

Why not vote for yourself and people you actually know and trust without it needing so called recognition from our government?

If this is not understood amongst the society as a whole then don’t be hated for the wrong reasons by banishing or hating others for not getting your point on this

 This is why I embrace anarchism instead of mere political parties and self reflection over politics any day of the week and I look for others also who practice this style as well to create impact with instead of voting

Shifting the dialogue 

Shifting the actions and making differences

Im not going to be hated for the wrong reasons


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