Never think

Never Think

by Sean Liebel

Never think that your past relationships and actions have not impacted and affected people because they have

Never think that only because you might be smarter than others psychologically that your so called “superiority” over them matters

You are still very much learning too even if you get to PHD level it still matters not

I cry amongst the times of precocious periods of life

The impact I have is delivered beautifully when I am really listening into how my heart can help my brain be level headed and grounded more so

My Mother and sisters have taught me this too even without words I have heard them with their gestures, symbols, and lives that they have lived

Never think that your troubles will only define you because in fact they help to build you and mold you into something much stronger, wiser, and humbler

Keep the wisdom close to you and your family closer

There is nothing greater than the ever lasting love of commitment to something more than just yourself

Never think that the mind doesn’t already know what do in any situation it gets itself into especially if you are praising that higher life force energy at a higher and more accepting level amongst troubles


Rebels are practical reverse devils

The ones who utilize divinity in the center of self with the oxygen shovels

Never think you aren’t valuable and essential to the Earth’s elementals

Are we facing an economic crisis?

No we are facing a rejuvenation and change of what is righteous

Of what is not arrogant and pious

Instead of destroying what is of good and Godliness

Balance from the middle observer of self in the turmoil of madness

Taking the defecation and urine of the World and turning it into pure water

So never think that you can not be a problem solver just because fake authority figures tell you that you are lesser

Its just not true and so then we can always become grander

Never think that you can’t amount to more and are not a treasure

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