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Defeating Racism, classism, egoism, and all other forms division

We always are thinking that racism, classism, egoism, and any other “ism” is a war to be fought against when in fact that may actually be delusions of the mind. Delusions that we think that we are when we are not. If there is an enemy of ours then it is that we think we are all of these labels, identifications, and even all of the other problems of life. We have to face the fact that we are viewing God from our own human states presently and that is natural for us now ONLY because we in the vessels of human bodies right now  as we are living in them, not because we are black or white or Asian, Mexican, and or any other race of people. Races or colors of people from a higher perspective to me are just part of the beauty of life itself and so are all of the colors that exist including darkness.

Darkness for the matter of understanding for instance let’s take this video where the emphasis is so much placed on “white supremacy” and the fact that minority races are taking over Earth. I disagree very much because I don’t see “races” as being all that life is about or that human kind is all that matters to Earth either.

It is still limited thinking even if it brings up truth which it does certainly about treatments of whites versus blacks and other minorities but we could go on forever about our injustices that we do to each other, yet what’s the point? What really would be the point to continue battling each other if we understood what we are? It would end up being pointless to do and also very divisive as well. Divide and conquer strategies are ancient and I maintain that even black people can do the same to their own kind as other races can as well. As long as they are only seeing themselves from a bodily standpoint.

“Do not let us be clouded by words, names or labels which only bring confusion as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Mohammedans, or as Americans, Germans, English, Chinese. Religion is above all names, creeds, doctrines. It is the way of the realization of the supreme, and virtue is not of any country, race or of any specialized religion. We must free ourselves from names and labels, from their confusion and antagonism, and try to seek through highest morality that which is. Thus you will become truly religious and so will your State. Then only will there be peace and light in the world. If each one of us can understand that there can be unity only in right thinking, not in mere superficial, economic devices, when we become religious, transcending craving for personal immortality and power, for worldliness and sensuality, only then shall we realize the deep inward wisdom of peace and love.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Therefore without ever thinking about life in terms of its totality in nature then how can we ever expect to take away racism and war? How can we ever expect to cure illnesses? How can we ever figure out our problems without dealing with our roots of consciousness? It wouldn’t make sense especially if we are trying to get out of the cycles we are so invested into at the moment. Changing is an ongoing process and spiritual guidance is always necessary for our growth.

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Can you balance your thoughts and feelings?

Can you tell the difference between your thoughts and feelings?

What is the difference?

Delivery for adults is necessary while for children it can very much be about discovery of life itself. The adult tries to make things happen and create their destiny while many times the child is dependent on learning before they are capable of having the capacity to be productive due to their  brains not being at a developed state yet.

What are the ways that you can tell the difference between your thoughts and feelings?

It’s troubling to attempt to balance your thoughts and feelings. The thoughts are very concrete and solid and the feelings much more immaterial. Each thought is like a concept and each feeling like a poem of our own as we go through life, the concept is more practical and concrete and the poem is more fluid and emotional. There’s nothing wrong with this but there is a definite balance that is needed when amongst the interaction between thoughts and feelings. The thoughts can be used as coordinate points to navigate your true position in life.

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Not ready

What makes you state this to yourself?

That you are not ready.

Do you understand your lack of self dignity? Or where it may be coming from?

Do you know what limitations you are putting onto yourself?

Always claiming that you may not be ready for something or someone or some purpose in life. Why is that? We cannot simply believe in what we want and then just be patient for it hoping to get it, instead we need to be active in it and towards it with our actions.

It’s not so easy to break apart centuries of ancestral patterns engraved within genetics that have been given to you but it is possible to do especially if you do not think of yourself as a victim of your genes and your circumstances. We only believe ourselves to be victims of our circumstances and our ancestral genes. If that were the case then why can we change ourselves at all with our behaviors?

How much can you deal with being ready for something? Is destiny in your hands or is it being made by someone beyond you?

Isn’t that also for you to determine yourself as well? We can be active with our direct experience of God as partners with it not belittled by it. It’s so much more enlightening to be understanding of how much you can really affect life instead of being guilt ridden for everything before you that has happened already. It is not you now and not where the center of you ever really is which is not attached to anything and moves with all. Forget religions in the sense of how they might be making you see through an indoctrinated dogmatic view and instead see the holistic connectedness of how perfect all things are and how the connected ways of your actions give you what your life brings.

“Don’t worship God. BECOME GOD! When everyone is part of a Society of the Divine, a Community of Gods, there will be no more human slaves on their knees to an invisible Sky God who exercises his power not through being real but through being imagined to be real. When it comes to religion, perception IS reality.”

-Ram Ayana

“The job of a skeptic is to investigate the unexplained; not to explain the uninvestigated.”


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What does joy and pain mean for you?

Are you one who is in a state of suffering?

Are you struggling?

Have anxiety?


Well the good news is that it may in fact be illusions and delusions that you are dealing with throughout your life when you think of it truly. Or are these issues of pain just part of the joy of life itself? That you need to get through the learning processes to get to the best parts of what you want in your own purpose. You may even have many purposes in life but it all depends on how and what you do with each of your purposes. Are you one to lose it all in issues of how strong you are? Or how weak you may assume yourself to be?

What are you? Who are you?

Who is the “I”?

See if you can answer who is the “I” without any bias or identifying with what it is and just flow with what the possibility is and how you can become more of the imagery of God/Goddess/All that is or whatever you want to call this intelligence. Please you will be doing so much more for everyone here on Earth if you do so. Experience the joy and pain and all of what comes with these experiences yet try and excel further and push through harder. We need you now more than ever to lead yourself and others too with understanding that the pain can lead the joy at the end of it all we always need rain to reign in our greatest self, the TRUE SELF.

Frankie Beverly and Maze-Joy and Pain

Rakim-The Mystery(Who is God?)

The God Within(Full) from Adams

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Who is Sean Liebel?


My name is Sean K. Liebel and I am originally from Fairport, NY which is a suburb of Rochester, NY. Rochester is the home of large companies such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Paetec, Paychex, and others. I am a 2004 graduate of Fairport High School, a 2006 graduate of Monroe Community College, and a 2009 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

I Have 3 plus years of solid experience in public relations from Americorps VISTA, Market Genesys, and the American Diabetes Association of Rochester. Alongside being a passionate writer and a person with strong intuition and desire.
I also learned invaluable skills in Internet marketing, business, and public relations at Rochester Institute of Technology and MCC. In addition I have attained an Advanced Graduate level Certification in New Media Design from the University of Buffalo in 2014 which I am proud of and consisted of attaining skills in web development, WordPress CMS, social media marketing and media comprehension.
To make it clear I am most passionate about the arts, travel, spiritual information, new and large businesses, non-profits local and or international, and also community interaction. My proficiencies lie in the following skills:
-Graphic design intermediate skill level
-Video/photo editing (Proficiency in Adobe Premier/Photoshop)
-Media relations
-Intermediate level Javascript
-Social media marketing/management



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