Who is Sean Liebel?


My name is Sean K. Liebel and I am originally from Fairport, NY which is a suburb of Rochester, NY. Rochester is the home of large companies such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Paetec, Paychex, and others. I am a 2004 graduate of Fairport High School, a 2006 graduate of Monroe Community College, and a 2009 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology.

I Have 3 plus years of solid experience in public relations from Americorps VISTA, Market Genesys, and the American Diabetes Association of Rochester. Alongside being a passionate writer and a person with strong intuition and desire.
I also learned invaluable skills in Internet marketing, business, and public relations at Rochester Institute of Technology and MCC. In addition I have attained an Advanced Graduate level Certification in New Media Design from the University of Buffalo in 2014 which I am proud of and consisted of attaining skills in web development, WordPress CMS, social media marketing and media comprehension.
To make it clear I am most passionate about the arts, travel, spiritual information, new and large businesses, non-profits local and or international, and also community interaction. My proficiencies lie in the following skills:
-Graphic design intermediate skill level
-Video/photo editing (Proficiency in Adobe Premier/Photoshop)
-Media relations
-Intermediate level Javascript
-Social media marketing/management



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