What does joy and pain mean for you?

Are you one who is in a state of suffering?

Are you struggling?

Have anxiety?


Well the good news is that it may in fact be illusions and delusions that you are dealing with throughout your life when you think of it truly. Or are these issues of pain just part of the joy of life itself? That you need to get through the learning processes to get to the best parts of what you want in your own purpose. You may even have many purposes in life but it all depends on how and what you do with each of your purposes. Are you one to lose it all in issues of how strong you are? Or how weak you may assume yourself to be?

What are you? Who are you?

Who is the “I”?

See if you can answer who is the “I” without any bias or identifying with what it is and just flow with what the possibility is and how you can become more of the imagery of God/Goddess/All that is or whatever you want to call this intelligence. Please you will be doing so much more for everyone here on Earth if you do so. Experience the joy and pain and all of what comes with these experiences yet try and excel further and push through harder. We need you now more than ever to lead yourself and others too with understanding that the pain can lead the joy at the end of it all we always need rain to reign in our greatest self, the TRUE SELF.

Frankie Beverly and Maze-Joy and Pain

Rakim-The Mystery(Who is God?)

The God Within(Full) from DivinityNow.com-Mike Adams

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