Not ready

What makes you state this to yourself?

That you are not ready.

Do you understand your lack of self dignity? Or where it may be coming from?

Do you know what limitations you are putting onto yourself?

Always claiming that you may not be ready for something or someone or some purpose in life. Why is that? We cannot simply believe in what we want and then just be patient for it hoping to get it, instead we need to be active in it and towards it with our actions.

It’s not so easy to break apart centuries of ancestral patterns engraved within genetics that have been given to you but it is possible to do especially if you do not think of yourself as a victim of your genes and your circumstances. We only believe ourselves to be victims of our circumstances and our ancestral genes. If that were the case then why can we change ourselves at all with our behaviors?

How much can you deal with being ready for something? Is destiny in your hands or is it being made by someone beyond you?

Isn’t that also for you to determine yourself as well? We can be active with our direct experience of God as partners with it not belittled by it. It’s so much more enlightening to be understanding of how much you can really affect life instead of being guilt ridden for everything before you that has happened already. It is not you now and not where the center of you ever really is which is not attached to anything and moves with all. Forget religions in the sense of how they might be making you see through an indoctrinated dogmatic view and instead see the holistic connectedness of how perfect all things are and how the connected ways of your actions give you what your life brings.

“Don’t worship God. BECOME GOD! When everyone is part of a Society of the Divine, a Community of Gods, there will be no more human slaves on their knees to an invisible Sky God who exercises his power not through being real but through being imagined to be real. When it comes to religion, perception IS reality.”

-Ram Ayana

“The job of a skeptic is to investigate the unexplained; not to explain the uninvestigated.”


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