Defeating Racism, classism, egoism, and all other forms division

We always are thinking that racism, classism, egoism, and any other “ism” is a war to be fought against when in fact that may actually be delusions of the mind. Delusions that we think that we are when we are not. If there is an enemy of ours then it is that we think we are all of these labels, identifications, and even all of the other problems of life. We have to face the fact that we are viewing God from our own human states presently and that is natural for us now ONLY because we in the vessels of human bodies right now  as we are living in them, not because we are black or white or Asian, Mexican, and or any other race of people. Races or colors of people from a higher perspective to me are just part of the beauty of life itself and so are all of the colors that exist including darkness.

Darkness for the matter of understanding for instance let’s take this video where the emphasis is so much placed on “white supremacy” and the fact that minority races are taking over Earth. I disagree very much because I don’t see “races” as being all that life is about or that human kind is all that matters to Earth either.

It is still limited thinking even if it brings up truth which it does certainly about treatments of whites versus blacks and other minorities but we could go on forever about our injustices that we do to each other, yet what’s the point? What really would be the point to continue battling each other if we understood what we are? It would end up being pointless to do and also very divisive as well. Divide and conquer strategies are ancient and I maintain that even black people can do the same to their own kind as other races can as well. As long as they are only seeing themselves from a bodily standpoint.

“Do not let us be clouded by words, names or labels which only bring confusion as Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and Mohammedans, or as Americans, Germans, English, Chinese. Religion is above all names, creeds, doctrines. It is the way of the realization of the supreme, and virtue is not of any country, race or of any specialized religion. We must free ourselves from names and labels, from their confusion and antagonism, and try to seek through highest morality that which is. Thus you will become truly religious and so will your State. Then only will there be peace and light in the world. If each one of us can understand that there can be unity only in right thinking, not in mere superficial, economic devices, when we become religious, transcending craving for personal immortality and power, for worldliness and sensuality, only then shall we realize the deep inward wisdom of peace and love.”

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

Therefore without ever thinking about life in terms of its totality in nature then how can we ever expect to take away racism and war? How can we ever expect to cure illnesses? How can we ever figure out our problems without dealing with our roots of consciousness? It wouldn’t make sense especially if we are trying to get out of the cycles we are so invested into at the moment. Changing is an ongoing process and spiritual guidance is always necessary for our growth.

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