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Feature PURE FLOW FOREVER Interview With Lady Bliss


The Relaunch of the storied “Pure Flow Radio” franchise finds the movement allied with artists of varied disciplines, across many genres, providing the world a much needed dose of “Pure Flow”. Also catch a feature interview with “PureFlow” member “Lady Bliss.” This interview will be upcoming in the near future. Be sure to tune in!

By Lady Bliss

 Tell Me….

Can My voice Be heard.

Meaningful,Like a Lions Roar      Straight Like A Bird theyll Soar.

My words shoot Firm and Sharp….Like A sword

assumed to be heard but are they being absorbed?

Projected…..Loud and Proud

Syallabells,Ejected…From my lips.    I listen with the tips,

of my ears      But hear no sound.

Am I being Heard?

To you I speak my mind….words of wisdom waayy beyond my time.

To you I speak my soul….from my forehead to the…soles of my feet.

To you I speak my heart…my words ring out with every single beat.

I cryout with my eyes.But dont shed a tear.

I scream with my mouth. Though theres a smile stretched loooong from North to south.

My feet are running though Im standing….Compleately STILL.

My Hands go numb and yet I…Still FEEL.

My head’s held high

While inside I feel Down….So the question is:


#PureFlow #Bliss #Joy

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Adulthood. What Is it? What Does That Mean Exactly?


Where Were Your Parents At During Your Birth? Where are they now?

Kristopher Parker AKA KRS-ONE said it well and he put it this way in an interview of his, “being a child is for the self discovery part of who you are and the adulthood part of it is for the taking charge part and healing of others.” So if you are in the process of constant self discovery your child like nature may never really then cease to stop unless want to rest at times and break. Being an adult then according to KRS-ONE is being a person who takes charge further in their own life in general.

When I am thinking directly to myself alone in my own times by myself I am understanding how much becoming an adult really is about releasing the pains off of other people around you. Though even if this truly is the case for you, still what is divinity? What does it mean truly? Why are we so afraid to win our love for ourselves?

Whereas where I see it for myself within my physical body that is known by others as Sean Kevin Liebel, is that only being a child is like only being in the egocentric state of your physical existence and not going any further than that. There is no balance in only being just a child when allowing what is greater to take charge of your inner power is like a larger parent or adult that is also very much a part of your essence too.

#PureFlow #Truth #Adulthood #Childhood #Wisdom #KRS-ONE #Metaphysics

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Candid Interview With Dr. Damian Laster

Forget all of what you have heard about the mystique and drama about HIV and AIDS from Hollywood, TV shows, and any other media outlets. It’s not right and there desperately needs to be a much broader and deeper dialogue on the topic of diseases and infections that we have as people even if they are not possibly real like as with the cases of HIV and AIDS. Dr. Damian Laster will be able to get through to you for sure about this especially with Chakra healing techniques or rainbow healing tactics that can work for you on a daily basis as well as his depth of knowledge on the HIV and AIDS issue.

Who is Dr. Laster?

Dr, Damian Q. Laster, Msc.D., M.Ed., The Rainbow Warrior/Conscious Doctor, is a Systems Buster and member of the Renegade Family of Light.  An avid HIV Dissenter and Social Justice Advocate Extraordinaire, Dr Laster, also known by his spiritual name, Kabir AmnRkhty, which translates to mean , “I AM aware that the spirit of the Hidden God lives in me as the Christ potential”,  has a keen interest in Ancient African/Kemetan Spirituality and alternative, yet ancient healing modalities.

Dr. Laster is an Author, a Spiritual Adept, Awakener, Teacher, Healer, Urban Shaman, and Metaphysician.   Damian Laster’s educational background after high school includes a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Birmingham-Southern College in 1986, a Master of Special Education in Behavior Disorders from Georgia State University in 1998, and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysics in 2011.  He is currently earning a Master of Psychology in Mental Health Counseling (MHC) at CACREP accredited Capella University, where he exposes the truth about HIV Antibody Testing in the university setting at the graduate school level.

Damian Laster is a Certified Teacher though not currently teaching in a school setting. He was an Educational Therapist and a Special Education Teacher for students with so-called Behavioral Disorders in Atlanta Georgia.

#ThereIsNOHIV #NOAIDS #PureFlow #Dr.Damian_Laster #KabirAmenra_Horakhty #HolisticHealing #MetaphysicalHealing #ChristConsciousnessdamian poster 2

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What kind of faith do you need to lead your business today?

What kind of faith do you need to lead your business in today’s World? What do you know about truth? Money? What is even truly REAL to you? What is PURE FLOW for your life?

We need to be able to answer these questions and more in our lives today to get at what really matters which is our life’s purpose. Can we truly delve into more of our own flow that can get purer and purer? If so then that can surely be marketed to and or promoted to as many people as possible in a World that at times can not really even feel so possible and very difficult to deal with. All of which is why incredible faith is needed or much trust in what is more than the vanity of self and egoic desires. We are all about reaching for more in our movement of Pure Flow Forever.

My name is Sean Kevin Liebel and I originate from Fairport New York in and graduated from Airport High School in 2004. Monroe County is the home of large companies such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Paetec, Paychex, and others. I am a 2004 graduate of Fairport High School, a 2006 graduate of Monroe Community College, and a 2009 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. I Have 3 plus years of solid experience in public relations from Americorps VISTA, Market Genesys, and the American Diabetes Association of Rochester.
I also learned invaluable skills in Internet marketing, business, and public relations at Rochester Institute of Technology and MCC. In addition I have attained an Advanced Graduate level Certification in New Media Design from the University of Buffalo in 2014 which I am proud of and consisted of attaining skills in web development, WordPress CMS, social media marketing and media comprehension.

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Poetic Bliss

Lady Bliss came fresh out of Rochester NY and has always been writing since she was a young child. Was a part of the Wheatland-Chili Slam Poetry team High School team for all four years, and has done work with Writers & Books. Also has taken part in the Brave New Voices Slam Poetry team on HBO in 2008 one time but it takes place every year. Raw energy and raw talent from ages 14-19.

Bliss is a poet with spirit, tenacity, and vocal vibrancy to make you think. She is an effulgent gem of Rochester talent. Poetry with a purpose is her poignant pose of flow itself. What can poetry do for you? How is writing good for your heart? What about for  a therapy for your mind?

Here below are a few of Bliss’s poetic pieces:


Abstract Thinking
The…Abstract is Green,with Brown polka dots.Manderin Orange colored stripes….
This, is What I See in The Morning.
But At Night the…
Abstract is Canari Yellow with White stars the size of watermelons.And,Purple arows facing upward 2 empty the sky.
In The Midday…
My sight is set on Blue circles,sheltering themselves inside Lavender octogons…poking Olive Green squares into its sides.
And my eyes see these things.
In between scenes, of existance.
And becuase of that aim found GUILTY of imagining beyond the Rhelm of…
Im, thinking: Disturbed?..Maybe.
Only if I say these things periodically to convince myself tht
“My eyesight i just exquisite”…Maybe. Or, maybe ppl dont pay attention to minor details anymore.
And that subliminal signs really are a cry 4 help.
H-E- L-P
Help Me to express Self with Self on broken lines upon a self of abstract nothings.
Old books,Dust,Cobb webs, declaring this my home…my bed.
Where noone can find me. Ironically Im hiding.
…On high places.wth hinds feet.With no fear.
…But I Cant get down from HERE.

Faint memories of me flying,
but I don’t recall having wings.
I look to the sky to remind me, yet i can’t remember a thing.
Blurred memories of me crying as I listen to the Caged bird sing.
A black Anhinga with a chipped beak & broken wing.
Episodes of ecstasy, vivid images of freedom, something this life just doesn’t give me, but in my memory…
I do believe I was once there.
without a care, without a worry Without pain, without tears…
every spirit has a story A story lost in time, a time capsule to remind,
located in the center of the mind that you cannot find if you are blind…
See, I believe Im closer than i’ve ever been before,
to my original form,
in which my connection has been torn…
Lets reunite and ignite like a flame in the night, warm…
that’s all i hope for, i’m not the same without my core.
Who was i before…life?
That is what i aim to be.
Introduce me to a life that they cannot take away from me.
That mastermind behind my mind
and the vision behind my eyes, please… Don’t judge me for trying to be what alot of folks are afraid to be….. Alive!!!
To the point that not even death can stop me
Whenever i shall parish they will forever hear about me.
Turn my soul into matter, i want to live for eternity…
Encounter life a million times as the flame of life continues to burn inside of me.

#PureFlow #SpokenWordPoetry #Inspiration

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The Image To Vibe With

Image is a Hip Hop artist that is a part of the Pure Flow Forever collective and since he was a child music has a been a part of his soul. He has lived in Rochester New York all his life  and has been making music for the last 6 years.  His main influence in music was his Mother who was into Hip Hop, Rock, soul, and Jazz. He always has had an ear for music itself ever he was a little kid.

Image grew up around a band called Drop Zone who covered groups like New Edition, Boyz II Men, and Jodeci. Any early 90s R&B and soul music was covered by the band and his Mother dated the bass player of the group. He’s been writing poetry and lyrics for about 15 years and then lyrical songs for the last 10 years.

Due to his Mother’s influence on his music and growing up around the band Drop Zone,  Image has been expressing his perceptions on relationships and struggles from other’s perspectives and issues that they face in the World. He does this as a passion in which he vents his frustrations, issues, and also likes to write on inspirational topics that move you lyrically with a message behind them.

One of his latest projects is called “Fame,” and five other songs that he is working on in the studio. The current project he is making now  is called “The Image Of My Vision,” and it will have 12 songs on it.

For his music you can click on the Soundcloud link below here:


Image’s Facebook link he posts music on to as well here:

Facebook The Image Entertainer Page:

#PureFlow #Image #HipHop


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Using The Elements: Mononeau’s View

A walk through waters. Yes.. a swimming sensation. I’m kicking through shallow points of the sea. At the same time, oceans have crazy currents within them. Am I drowning?? Feels like it sometimes. I’m not even that deep though. Pure Flow became my lifeguards in life, so drowning was saved by them teaching me to tread waters. River waters flowed through the canal. Passed me through the blocked route, and redirected me to the river’s mouth.

Am I saved? Yeah I wish sometimes. That’s only the second element of my cardinal direction. The first came natural. A breath of fresh air. Mountain tops give me a change in altitude, a thinner climate of feeling the wind differently. Breathing is off, but the density of heat has increased. It’s like my time in Iraq, at least temperature side of things. The higher I fly up towards the ceiling of the sky, brings a better view of things in life. But I’m so used to heat, its mind warming. A hawks vision is greater than a humans, so the dream of soaring is seen more clearly.. A hawk in most cultures is symbolism of passing the scrolls, or the messages from the top (Sky) to the bottom (Earth or Hell), depending how you see it in perspective. I going above see level.

Without water, you can’t bathe. Without air, you can’t breathe. I can’t walk or climb, without a ground to stand on. That’s when Earth plays her role. I climb mountains to see everything clearly everyday. Of course I had to do it from the peak of the cliff. The four elemental need each other to work at their strongest points. Some people say the weather is cold the higher you go on the mountain. Yeah, winter time or if you climbing Everest. Climb high in the summer time, and you’ll be shaking hands with the sun. Theres different views on earth’s structures, but their all earthly components.

I need fire tho. Sometimes all this traveling in my mindset runs cold. No energy, no motivation to do anything.. just lazy. I needs a nice warm meal to rejuvenate the body to continue my journey to paradise. Maybe an oven. A microwave. I prefer a natural heat source, like a camp fire. Gotta grab some logs (earth) and fuel the pit. The warmth is amazing. Keep my water next to me to stay hydrated and smell the flame its wants you to inhale. Earthly components used everyday for human life, it all comes natural.

So catching our visions through a bunch of strings, untangle them till the feathers drip the results. Dreaming of beauty is catching the cuteness of how the mind hands you down one of the thousands and thousands images when you sleep. Why this one and not the other ones? Dream Catchers only give you a certain stories for you decipher and repent how you wanna take it.. Be careful though, it can send you twins (two dreams in one night) and its a little bit harder to figure out purposes. If your in a thinking state of mind, you’ll grasp both and follow its reasoning, easier.


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