My Mother Means

My Mother Means

By Sean K. Liebel
My Mother means to me….
Resiliency and dedication
Purity of conscience when thinking of others around her and surrounding her
I try my best to emulate her guidance when looking inside of my own self
My Mother means to me…
True peace and balance
Harmony with nature
My Mother is a wonderful woman of caring, compassionate splendor, and her own sense of humor
She embodies kindness in a way that isn’t always heard verbally but known intuitively throughout me
My Mother means….
Is there anything greater than being close to the caretaker of your life that you have been given?
What a present that I have been given by my Mother which is life itself
Thank you from the depths of my heart
Thank from the inner core of being that I have here while I am continually learning life lessons from you
Also from what I learn about from how you have treated others so unconditionally with the love you have given out to our World at this time
You truly are an amazing example of what is right in our World
My Mother means…
Teaching me to face my fears and dangers with calmness and a sense of serenity
She has done so much for me that I could never repay her and that is ok because to me that is what real caring love is about
She means gratefulness through the roughest times I face
She has brilliance as well that extends beyond her and it will last far further than what her eyes can see
In generations to come her ways carry over with such ethereal sensibility
Her experience of being good makes her have sublimity
My Mother means to me…
A giver of truth and life itself
Quite simply
#Mothers #Truth #Immortality
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