Eerie Canal A Rochester NY Gem

Artist Bio Eerie Canal

Rochester NY’s very own Eerie Canal is the future of Hip Hop that is really just a return to the healing alchemical roots of this mystical craft.

Brandon Correa spent most of his life(from ages 4-18) in foster care and group homes. The trials and difficulties he faced would later become his motivation to pursue the arts and allow him to connect to his first major acting role as Eli in King’s Faith. While he is new to the acting World, Brandon is an entertainer who spends much of his time writing lyrical music and performing hip hop and rap music.




Vision Statement


Hip Hop is an Ancient Craft.
The only reason we had the courage to get up after falling again and again, is

because we felt we had a song to sing, a flow to spit, a dance to do, a painting to complete, a piece of clothing to design, a video or photo to capture,

that people needed to see, feel, wear, experience and hear.


I am not allowed in mastering and pursuing this method of perseverance.


“Pure Flow” is the reminder to the world, that Artistry is a divine gift, and not

just a money making scheme. Development, Intention, Metaphysics and Divine Knowledge are infused in every facet of this organization.


Through every medium of entertainment imaginable, and some that aren’t,

“Pure Flow Forever” is the brand that inspired the world…and it all started in

a little city called Rochester.
The force of unity is unstoppable..and so is “Pure Flow Forever”.

The new-leading name in Creative Consulting/Expression/Production and Performance.

Click on the link below to see Eerie Canal’s Press Kit:

Eerie Canal Press Kit

#PureFlow #HipHop #RochesterNY


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