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My Body Is A Cage



In an age where lyrical content and stage presence have become obsolete, Azariah has separated himself from the norm.

Perfecting his craft for the better part of 10 years, Azariah (Born Darius Franklin) has made himself a staple in the Rochester, NY hip hop scene and has his eyes set on expanding his product globally. An artist’s professional growth is as important as any other attribute, and over the years Azariah has continued to move forward, while his peers have stood still. Putting out a slew of mixtapes and LPs, Azariah continues to impress his peers while proving critics that he has what it takes to make it into the saturated hip hop scene.

His approachable demeanor and respected grind alongside his natural ability to perfect his craft has made Azariah one of the most respected wordsmiths in the area. Featured in several newspapers and magazines across the NY area, Azariah continues to turn heads every time he touches the microphone.

Azariah continues to keep his sword sharp by challenging himself to rejuvenate the hip hop scene. His most recent release, “Subject to Change” was critically acclaimed. Dealing with the current state of Hip Hop, family struggles, and social consciousness, the 16 Track LP became relatable to his fans and peers.

You can expect a new mixtape to hit the shelves in mid Feburary entitled “Intermission” which as titled will serve as an intermission of sorts to his two up and coming LPs that are scheduled to be released in the middle half of 2012.


Azariah’s candid Blogtalkradio interview:

For Azariah’s music check the link out below:

Azariah’s Bandcamp:

Azariah’s YouTube Channel:


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