Tahjee The Great


Who is Tahjee Janiih AKA Tahjee The Great?


Imani Jackson grew up in Rochester NY and Graduated from the School Of The Arts as a vocal major. The vocal major consisted of moving up in choirs, was the President of her choir, and has been playing piano since she was 11. Went to MCC for a Semester and was in the Acapella group called the Tributones as well as the choir with the theme being music from around the World where she sang songs from varying languages such as: German, Finnish, and Portuguese.

Imani was also in a program called UPAC where she was the lead role in the musical called the Wiz and played as Dorothy, at a Summer Youth Art Camp production. This production was later broadcasted on a local television channel in Rochester NY.

Aside from musical performances Imani played basketball, soccer, and softball, during the school year and tennis during the Summer. Was also awarded the MVP for the 2013-2014 basketball Season at the School Of The Arts. Also was awarded the Most Versatile Player for being able to play all the positions on the team.

Recently she has been doing modeling for designer Latrell Hall who has had his own grand opening for a clothing line called Savage Couture on May 7th, 2016.

#PureFlow #Tahjeejaniih



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