Using The Elements: Mononeau’s View

A walk through waters. Yes.. a swimming sensation. I’m kicking through shallow points of the sea. At the same time, oceans have crazy currents within them. Am I drowning?? Feels like it sometimes. I’m not even that deep though. Pure Flow became my lifeguards in life, so drowning was saved by them teaching me to tread waters. River waters flowed through the canal. Passed me through the blocked route, and redirected me to the river’s mouth.

Am I saved? Yeah I wish sometimes. That’s only the second element of my cardinal direction. The first came natural. A breath of fresh air. Mountain tops give me a change in altitude, a thinner climate of feeling the wind differently. Breathing is off, but the density of heat has increased. It’s like my time in Iraq, at least temperature side of things. The higher I fly up towards the ceiling of the sky, brings a better view of things in life. But I’m so used to heat, its mind warming. A hawks vision is greater than a humans, so the dream of soaring is seen more clearly.. A hawk in most cultures is symbolism of passing the scrolls, or the messages from the top (Sky) to the bottom (Earth or Hell), depending how you see it in perspective. I going above see level.

Without water, you can’t bathe. Without air, you can’t breathe. I can’t walk or climb, without a ground to stand on. That’s when Earth plays her role. I climb mountains to see everything clearly everyday. Of course I had to do it from the peak of the cliff. The four elemental need each other to work at their strongest points. Some people say the weather is cold the higher you go on the mountain. Yeah, winter time or if you climbing Everest. Climb high in the summer time, and you’ll be shaking hands with the sun. Theres different views on earth’s structures, but their all earthly components.

I need fire tho. Sometimes all this traveling in my mindset runs cold. No energy, no motivation to do anything.. just lazy. I needs a nice warm meal to rejuvenate the body to continue my journey to paradise. Maybe an oven. A microwave. I prefer a natural heat source, like a camp fire. Gotta grab some logs (earth) and fuel the pit. The warmth is amazing. Keep my water next to me to stay hydrated and smell the flame its wants you to inhale. Earthly components used everyday for human life, it all comes natural.

So catching our visions through a bunch of strings, untangle them till the feathers drip the results. Dreaming of beauty is catching the cuteness of how the mind hands you down one of the thousands and thousands images when you sleep. Why this one and not the other ones? Dream Catchers only give you a certain stories for you decipher and repent how you wanna take it.. Be careful though, it can send you twins (two dreams in one night) and its a little bit harder to figure out purposes. If your in a thinking state of mind, you’ll grasp both and follow its reasoning, easier.


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