Poetic Bliss

Lady Bliss came fresh out of Rochester NY and has always been writing since she was a young child. Was a part of the Wheatland-Chili Slam Poetry team High School team for all four years, and has done work with Writers & Books. Also has taken part in the Brave New Voices Slam Poetry team on HBO in 2008 one time but it takes place every year. Raw energy and raw talent from ages 14-19.

Bliss is a poet with spirit, tenacity, and vocal vibrancy to make you think. She is an effulgent gem of Rochester talent. Poetry with a purpose is her poignant pose of flow itself. What can poetry do for you? How is writing good for your heart? What about for  a therapy for your mind?

Here below are a few of Bliss’s poetic pieces:


Abstract Thinking
The…Abstract is Green,with Brown polka dots.Manderin Orange colored stripes….
This, is What I See in The Morning.
But At Night the…
Abstract is Canari Yellow with White stars the size of watermelons.And,Purple arows facing upward 2 empty the sky.
In The Midday…
My sight is set on Blue circles,sheltering themselves inside Lavender octogons…poking Olive Green squares into its sides.
And my eyes see these things.
In between scenes, of existance.
And becuase of that aim found GUILTY of imagining beyond the Rhelm of…
Im, thinking: Disturbed?..Maybe.
Only if I say these things periodically to convince myself tht
“My eyesight i just exquisite”…Maybe. Or, maybe ppl dont pay attention to minor details anymore.
And that subliminal signs really are a cry 4 help.
H-E- L-P
Help Me to express Self with Self on broken lines upon a self of abstract nothings.
Old books,Dust,Cobb webs, declaring this my home…my bed.
Where noone can find me. Ironically Im hiding.
…On high places.wth hinds feet.With no fear.
…But I Cant get down from HERE.

Faint memories of me flying,
but I don’t recall having wings.
I look to the sky to remind me, yet i can’t remember a thing.
Blurred memories of me crying as I listen to the Caged bird sing.
A black Anhinga with a chipped beak & broken wing.
Episodes of ecstasy, vivid images of freedom, something this life just doesn’t give me, but in my memory…
I do believe I was once there.
without a care, without a worry Without pain, without tears…
every spirit has a story A story lost in time, a time capsule to remind,
located in the center of the mind that you cannot find if you are blind…
See, I believe Im closer than i’ve ever been before,
to my original form,
in which my connection has been torn…
Lets reunite and ignite like a flame in the night, warm…
that’s all i hope for, i’m not the same without my core.
Who was i before…life?
That is what i aim to be.
Introduce me to a life that they cannot take away from me.
That mastermind behind my mind
and the vision behind my eyes, please… Don’t judge me for trying to be what alot of folks are afraid to be….. Alive!!!
To the point that not even death can stop me
Whenever i shall parish they will forever hear about me.
Turn my soul into matter, i want to live for eternity…
Encounter life a million times as the flame of life continues to burn inside of me.

#PureFlow #SpokenWordPoetry #Inspiration

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