What kind of faith do you need to lead your business today?

What kind of faith do you need to lead your business in today’s World? What do you know about truth? Money? What is even truly REAL to you? What is PURE FLOW for your life?

We need to be able to answer these questions and more in our lives today to get at what really matters which is our life’s purpose. Can we truly delve into more of our own flow that can get purer and purer? If so then that can surely be marketed to and or promoted to as many people as possible in a World that at times can not really even feel so possible and very difficult to deal with. All of which is why incredible faith is needed or much trust in what is more than the vanity of self and egoic desires. We are all about reaching for more in our movement of Pure Flow Forever.


My name is Sean Kevin Liebel and I originate from Fairport New York in and graduated from Airport High School in 2004. Monroe County is the home of large companies such as Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Paetec, Paychex, and others. I am a 2004 graduate of Fairport High School, a 2006 graduate of Monroe Community College, and a 2009 graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. I Have 3 plus years of solid experience in public relations from Americorps VISTA, Market Genesys, and the American Diabetes Association of Rochester.
I also learned invaluable skills in Internet marketing, business, and public relations at Rochester Institute of Technology and MCC. In addition I have attained an Advanced Graduate level Certification in New Media Design from the University of Buffalo in 2014 which I am proud of and consisted of attaining skills in web development, WordPress CMS, social media marketing and media comprehension.

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