Candid Interview With Dr. Damian Laster

Forget all of what you have heard about the mystique and drama about HIV and AIDS from Hollywood, TV shows, and any other media outlets. It’s not right and there desperately needs to be a much broader and deeper dialogue on the topic of diseases and infections that we have as people even if they are not possibly real like as with the cases of HIV and AIDS. Dr. Damian Laster will be able to get through to you for sure about this especially with Chakra healing techniques or rainbow healing tactics that can work for you on a daily basis as well as his depth of knowledge on the HIV and AIDS issue.

Who is Dr. Laster?

Dr, Damian Q. Laster, Msc.D., M.Ed., The Rainbow Warrior/Conscious Doctor, is a Systems Buster and member of the Renegade Family of Light.  An avid HIV Dissenter and Social Justice Advocate Extraordinaire, Dr Laster, also known by his spiritual name, Kabir AmnRkhty, which translates to mean , “I AM aware that the spirit of the Hidden God lives in me as the Christ potential”,  has a keen interest in Ancient African/Kemetan Spirituality and alternative, yet ancient healing modalities.

Dr. Laster is an Author, a Spiritual Adept, Awakener, Teacher, Healer, Urban Shaman, and Metaphysician.   Damian Laster’s educational background after high school includes a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Birmingham-Southern College in 1986, a Master of Special Education in Behavior Disorders from Georgia State University in 1998, and a Doctor of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysics in 2011.  He is currently earning a Master of Psychology in Mental Health Counseling (MHC) at CACREP accredited Capella University, where he exposes the truth about HIV Antibody Testing in the university setting at the graduate school level.

Damian Laster is a Certified Teacher though not currently teaching in a school setting. He was an Educational Therapist and a Special Education Teacher for students with so-called Behavioral Disorders in Atlanta Georgia.

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