Adulthood. What Is it? What Does That Mean Exactly?


Where Were Your Parents At During Your Birth? Where are they now?

Kristopher Parker AKA KRS-ONE said it well and he put it this way in an interview of his, “being a child is for the self discovery part of who you are and the adulthood part of it is for the taking charge part and healing of others.” So if you are in the process of constant self discovery your child like nature may never really then cease to stop unless want to rest at times and break. Being an adult then according to KRS-ONE is being a person who takes charge further in their own life in general.

When I am thinking directly to myself alone in my own times by myself I am understanding how much becoming an adult really is about releasing the pains off of other people around you. Though even if this truly is the case for you, still what is divinity? What does it mean truly? Why are we so afraid to win our love for ourselves?

Whereas where I see it for myself within my physical body that is known by others as Sean Kevin Liebel, is that only being a child is like only being in the egocentric state of your physical existence and not going any further than that. There is no balance in only being just a child when allowing what is greater to take charge of your inner power is like a larger parent or adult that is also very much a part of your essence too.

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