Feature PURE FLOW FOREVER Interview With Lady Bliss


The Relaunch of the storied “Pure Flow Radio” franchise finds the movement allied with artists of varied disciplines, across many genres, providing the world a much needed dose of “Pure Flow”. Also catch a feature interview with “PureFlow” member “Lady Bliss.” This interview will be upcoming in the near future. Be sure to tune in!

By Lady Bliss

 Tell Me….

Can My voice Be heard.

Meaningful,Like a Lions Roar      Straight Like A Bird theyll Soar.

My words shoot Firm and Sharp….Like A sword

assumed to be heard but are they being absorbed?

Projected…..Loud and Proud

Syallabells,Ejected…From my lips.    I listen with the tips,

of my ears      But hear no sound.

Am I being Heard?

To you I speak my mind….words of wisdom waayy beyond my time.

To you I speak my soul….from my forehead to the…soles of my feet.

To you I speak my heart…my words ring out with every single beat.

I cryout with my eyes.But dont shed a tear.

I scream with my mouth. Though theres a smile stretched loooong from North to south.

My feet are running though Im standing….Compleately STILL.

My Hands go numb and yet I…Still FEEL.

My head’s held high

While inside I feel Down….So the question is:


#PureFlow #Bliss #Joy

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