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Why I decided to opt out of politics

Why did I decide to opt of political talk? Well because it is divisive by nature and has nothing really to do with unity other than making people into sheep following the concepts of their “parties” and or “leaders” that are not themselves but other people, that is why. I decided to use common sense in my inner core to find out that unifying self from within to comprehend what is without is one of the highest forms of wisdom in today’s insane World.

As people we deserve better than playing sides and as Nations practically going into civil wars over supposed candidates that truly do not even matter when what really runs things is the current of the sea or the banking industry regardless. Plus the Moorish peoples of Rochester New York have been wise enough to let me know that it is about being sovereign or understood by your Nationality truly not by your skin tone or political side. For instance if I state that I am a German American National and a sovereign free entity exempt from taxation of a false state posing as my identity, it shows that I am aware of who I am. Who am I? A sovereign individual who is free and independent who can trade and incorporate himself with whom he wishes to and a Government truthfully has no rights whatsoever because honestly it is only a symbol and a thing not a living entity like SEAN KEVIN LIEBEL is. One has to be far more aware to understand who he or she is in the cosmic scheme of things not just on a base human level.

So please think for yourselves and try to understand who you are through the knowledge and awareness of self amidst a cosmic infinity and the nature of Earth.

Peace, love, unity, justice, and freedom.

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