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GONG SOUND HEALING: From Darkness to Light

WHAT IS A GONG SOUND BATH? A gong bath is something that you absolutely need to experience, especially if you are in need of complete relaxation and a little disconnection from your ever-racing mind! The vibration of the gong will take you on a wonderful inner-journey and you’ll come back feeling deeply rested, centered, more calm and yet energized! Gongs are able to affect an individual on a cellular and even a molecular level. They open up your chakras and often release a lot of blocked energy, much like acupuncture or massage can do – it really is a sound massage.” Make plans to attend, for yourself and the benefit of those who you love. Class will start with a few minutes of very gentle stretching (to prepare the physical body for maximum relaxation) and for next 45min you’ll be able to enjoy the gong bath.

GONG SOUND HEALING: From Darkness to Light

Sunday, Nov 13, 2016, 4:00 PM

Nu Movement
716 University Ave (Atlantic Ave entance and parking) Rochester, NY

7 Gong bath members Attending

As days are getting shorter and nature gets ready for a long rest, we do as well begin to feel the need for more quiet time and introspection. This gong sound healing session is a call for a deep and contemplative inner journey. Every gong bath is soothing and healing, however this time we’ll allow the transformative vibration of the sound to touch…

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Rising renaissance. Eastern *star exposed-



Eye remember purposefully drowning you in the purity of source.
AHHH… feeling you grow inside a sacred place.

Kundalini serpent unleashed.
Radiant & balanced it’s the sun disc, golden glow.
Found! & scene Inside a dark, gloomy, cold place.
All you truly seek is the master fate.
It’s the ancient  key to infinity.
Heaven alike… A safe haven,that clinches your flashlight to beam me upright.

Fatima. Eye will see us through

All sparks  after you have entered  the Queen’s chamber. (peak,climax)
You have sincerely inserted your truth into the garden of eternal bliss.
Heart, sol, womb kiss. Abyss of divine excellence
Yes,! now it’s all coming back, to thee, Restored patterns of forever.
Sea clue(s) A.N.D welcommaatsllle H.O.M.

Piece by Peaceuhuhh

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