What is R.A.C.E. really about?

R.A.C.E. is an acronym developed by the Moorish Decentralized Autonomous Organization known as the Moab’bit Association that means Regional Acquisition Cooperative Economics. It is not about race in terms of skin tones or the depth of your cultural differences between others and instead about economics that are connected and cooperative. That is what Bitcoin does with money and keeps your privacy ensured.

Although race in terms of “black,” “white, “Asian, “Hispanic,” etcetera does not truly matter in terms of connecting to peoples holistically. It matters in term of rallying people together such as the black American population that the Moors descend from truthfully the Moabite region of Southwest Africa which is now called Morocco and have inhabited the Americas.

Share this crowdfund! Support the BLEXIT by donating bitcoin. With your bitcoin donation your are supporting the economic education, economic unification and economic empowerment of the African Diaspora. You can send bitcoin to the QR code found in our logo. Just scan it and send desired amount. You are welcome to donate as many times as you like, even after we have reached our goal. Greater detail of the BLEXIT proposal are available upon request and donation. All proceeds will go towards the BLEXIT crowdfund. Thank you for your support.  So copy and paste the following link into your Bitcoin address and send us a donation today!


#BLEXIT #D_MILLER_EL #Moab’bit_Association
~Moab’bit Association donation address:


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