Being by Yourself. Why being interdependent instead of dependent is healthier.

Are you currently taking a break from a lover of yours? Is he or she not liking you for your reason or theirs? Or is it both of you that are creating the problems themselves and you just don’t even realize it?

Some of these questions are only for us as people to answer but then again for our higher selves to be able to grasp onto and move beyond as well. Questions are just that. They are never answers and for us to solve our questions takes our own growth and separation from all of our untruths that just aren’t even real. What is real is your growth and destruction of what is false in your life itself. The more that we can do things that balance ourselves is the more that we can love one another. Whether that be with financial prominence or spiritual mastery is up to you. Just try to be by yourself to see it from yourself as the existence of what is now. So we have to balance the giving and taking energies that money represents in our lives or else we become too dependent on who we do not need to be too dependent upon. Instead separating yourself from whom you are too dependent on for being happy or fulfilled can be key to your balance in life, even if just for the time being in the present moment.

For instance in your life thus far you may have found what is called a Twin Flame or also known as the exact feminine or masculine aspect of yourself as a physical person and complete spiritual being. Handling situations adequately and as adults instead of teenagers and younger children is a skill that takes time. It’s okay if we have found love in our lives in another person deeply but what is a partnership and or a relationship just isn’t the same anymore. The times have become far more serious and far more technological and also have been easier to see what’s wrong with others and self. We must stay focused in our heart centers and separate ourselves from what isn’t true to find out what is always true.

Much love.

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