Water the best healer. When we are true to ourselves the water inside us activates itself more.

We are always told that there are only three phases of matter which are solid, liquids, and vapors but is there a fourth phase? Another phase to water even than just a simple H2o concept. Possibly H3O2 instead? Yes that would make sense if there is true electrical potential within water with its negative and positive charges. We can learn a lot about water from learning about darkness in a negative way. The negative way meaning ignorance and arrogance about what truly exists in our Universe and what isn’t really there too.

I should say that we are in the dark about everything in our World right now, not just water. Just look at the new data and evidence that new technology brings forth about things that were taken for granted and now new questions begin to shake those old 19th and 20th century ´´facts´´, like the limit is the speed of light, Gravitational universe and it´s implications like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, etc. A lot of dark and black things that only have one meaning, which is ´´WE DO NOT KNOW´´. Those old theories were great to make us progress, but now they are beginning to slow us down as mainstream scientists don´t want to let go of them in way to evolve to newer things like the Electric Universe, which, to anyone that knows and deals with electricity and high energy electric devices, is as clear as crystal water. It is the difference between believing and knowing.  Are mainstream scientists afraid of newer solutions? If they are, then they are not scientists, they are only convinced that they are.  Gerald Pollack and others like him are not afraid of exploring knowledge and awareness not just believing. Enter the age of knowing, wealth, and awareness. Enter ecstasy. Water ways of purity.

A sparkle is light in your eyes and light inside of you towards truth and understanding each moment capturing life more so, or as Dr. Gerald Pollack states, “you can’t separate energy from water. Water is a repository of energy coming free from the environment.”

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Healing In Real Time:


EZ Water or Living Water: The Fourth Phase of Water:


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