Have We reached our breaking point?

As citizens of Nations, Countries, Continents, Religions, Worlds from afar, and even today in the digital realm a question comes to mind. That is have we reached our breaking point of turmoil?

Have we reached our breaking point of bullying and abuse?

Has there been enough evil and backwards thinking keeping us disconnected from each other?

How much do we have to centralize power into authorities before we realize that WE are the true authorities individually? Then and only then after we achieve it individually can we achieve authority collectively. Are we mature enough to understand this yet? Or does that require more work?

How many children and youths have to be on the verge of suicides before we wake up to our own faults of poor parenting?

What will it take for the human race to know purpose?

Have we reached our breaking point with the trauma? Or does it truly just serve a purpose of keeping us prepared for the worst?

The purity of the flow is in the breath of plasma coming from the darkest mode the brightest arc mode. Fire is plasma and so is the light inside. I am that flow at my best working with balance and truth that prevails ALWAYS. When you look at me respect me and see my heart intuitively. Know that I came from this bountiful Earth just like you and everyone else. Our ability to go to the worst mode of operating in life brings us up into the best and also the resting state. We are in fact all three as a trinity when seeing ourselves from holistic sight observationally speaking. Breathe with me and see a brighter future for our children.


Thank you.

#SparklePlenty #Bitcoin #Blockchain #Truth #ALLAH #ISLAM #TheYouth

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