Have you ever considered?

Have you ever considered suicide?

Have you had thoughts of ending your life ever?

Is this what people really resort to without support?

What I mean by that is without having people and meaning in their lives, actual suicide gets committed daily. Let’s look at how many people in the USA actually commit suicide on a daily basis.

According to the Centers For Disease Control:

  • Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death
  • 44,193 suicide deaths per year
  • On average there are over 121 suicides per day
  • $44 Billion in cost annually to the U.S.
  • 7 out of 10 suicides are from white males

Something to think about right? Yes. Well it’s good that not too many of us out of America’s 326,474,013 people are actually physically committing suicide, that does not mean that they aren’t dying inside. How many of us actually live for something greater instead of just for the sake of it? What impact do you have on others with your own abuse or lack thereof? Too many times do we not think of how we are hurting others subconsciously by not being ourselves fully. Environmentally the energies of not being yourself abuse others outside of yourself over time is the logic. Spiritual pollution in our era has reached its absolute highest point ever.

Thinking you aren’t abusing others? Well think again because every time you buy something that limits someone else’s quality of life as a result it abuses them. Every time you take advantage of resources and lack giving to others it can be hurtful to those who do not have what you have. So much abuse happens behind closed doors due to fear of being exposed for what it is. How awful is it to others? Abuse is so dynamic in its way because most simply do not see the abuse of their own country on others due to compromising with their so called masters in their lands. As Director Ben Stewart states eloquently in his documentary film Esoteric Agenda, “The more humanity strays from its origin, the more we deny our bond with nature, the farther from perfection we become.”



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