Can you find this adoration for the woman inside yourself today?

Your Mother is in you as well as outside of you.

No it’s not about actually being that woman physically as men are their own unique beings on Earth with all of their own attributes and qualities obviously. Many of us tend to confuse the meanings of metaphysical teachings in this regard. Finding the Mother within you is simply about finding what grounds you inside yourself passionately and purposefully, so that you can heal yourself positively. In that there is a sense of deep adoration and love for what is real in life. Can you see this in yourself?

Are you able to find true peace? Or do you need someone outside of yourself to give you this peace for yourself? Let’s try to gain this peace ourselves and for ourselves so that we can be examples for others to do so. Adoration for your own being in a balanced way in which you understand your aggressive nature and also your grounded nature, is necessary for real happiness.

#Woman #Happiness #Truth #Sparkle #Peace #Joy



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