Trust The Children

Trust the children as much as you trust God or whomever you believe in because they are our future. Youths are the beauty of seeds that you put into the Earth to grow it into vegetables and flowers around the World daily so do the same with children. Seek to help them grow well and nurture their creativity by supporting them through your trust in their capabilities. Trust that they can teach you more than you ever can teach them which to me is true wisdom. Wisdom is heard in your heart so hear it when you trust the children. Every time I am with my nephews I see hope and prosperity and vision. Love is there and so is trust for a greater tomorrow. Trust in the children and they will never let you down for their discoveries and capabilities blossom like the largest trees on our Mother Earth.

Trust the children.

#Beauty #Children #Youths #Love #HashtagSparklePlenty #Consciousness #Unity

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