What It Means To Know Yourself

There is so much out there on the knowledge of self and what it means that it could literally make your mind go crazy but still regain your balance. Seek it inside and look deeper because the Kingdom of God is within there. The well inside of you is assuredly holding your real meanings of what anyone has taught you. What does knowing yourself really mean in our day and age? Are we so sure that we even know ourselves fully?

I am not quite so sure that we even do know ourselves fully yet and are actually in the process of getting to know ourselves even more with time. I might be wrong in expressing it this way and that is fine but one thing that I can assure you of is the confidence of myself to tell you how I know myself to be true.  The living essence of God or truth always prevails and exists, plus redemption is as real as the water drunk into your body. There is nothing empty about what is inside the darkness, only if you see it that way it will be. Knowledge brings awareness and awareness brings being true. Can you be committed to knowing yourself further? Can you open up to what is possible instead of imprisoning yourself to limited belief systems and old ideas.

Your self is always awaiting. Be introduced to more than you’ve ever experienced before.

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