Shifting our reality

Have you shifted your reality recently?

Have you ended your thoughts about what you deem as being impossible to you?

These main questions have been on my mind very much lately about the World’s population in general and for myself as well too.  Josiah Harry states this well in his Building A New Mental Model show here:


What is real for you is what you actually make through your co-creation with the Earth and the Universe itself. Too many of us think that we create our realities ourselves but that is not entirely true as to me it is only half of the truth. The other half is the dependency of the space around you upon you as a person. It is dependent upon me too right as I am writing this now. This codependency makes for the balance that I am working on to attain with actions taken with time. Many things in society people do not pay attention to not out of a lack of potentially knowing about them but because they are only with the regular ways of doing things. For example solutions to money already exist in terms of community currencies, gold, silver, food, and crypto-currencies as well but so many of us want to just align ourselves largely with regular solutions out of comfort.

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