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The Science of The Soul


This is a post that I am sharing that was originally posted by the Facebook Page Wisdom Point called “The Science of The Soul” that is so beautiful and poignant. Truthful as well with such beauty. Directly written about balancing material and spiritual with adequate precision.

The Science of the Soul –


The Soul is naturally scientific, just not in the limited materialistic sense of modern science.

For example, the unitary structure of Self/World provides a cosmic algorithm (recipe) for individuation. This algorithm is executed on the Trajectory of Mastery, Love, and Prosperity in keeping with the Highest Good of individuation.

Whenever someone accentuates the self over world, or the world over self, they are creating an imbalance in this dynamic algorithm. Self and World not only need each other, they are inseparable.

So, if people go out there to change the world, but do not change themselves at the same time, it is futile. And if people just change themselves without changing the world, it is a fluke. There is an exact energy exchange and balancing between changing oneself and changing the world.

The Soul knows that, but humans fall into the trap of accentuating the Self over World in transcendentalism, or the World over the Self in Realism. It is a simple matter of understanding how Self/World is a unitary structure to begin with, which is the foundation of ALL our experience and knowledge. Understanding Self/World as a unitary dynamic is the master key to true freedom and objectivity. This is an example of the Science of the Soul.

The Science of the Soul works with Cosmic Awareness, and it is deeply moral in nature, because it works in alignment and synchronicity with the Highest Good.

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Possibility is like Money. Speculation brings the value eventually.

I AM POSSIBILITY.  I am that Pure Flow forever bringing peace to the World if I am truly living that way instead of going away from that purity that resides in flowing nature itself. I need to be Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished as Tupac Shakur said because there is so much that needs to be revitalized in this World today.  There is too much pain, there is too much stress, there is too little support for the right peoples who need it to avoid them any longer. The horizon of success and truth rises with more awareness of self and allowing the capability of change to flow through you. The possibility of trillions or far more is not only REAL it is possible as well instantly if we can know these numbers TODAY. You see speculation is a tool in finance today which is simply predicting that the future of a commodity or good or service will be worth far more tomorrow than it is in today’s World. Yet again these are just words describing what reality is to us all as people and as individuals. Money truly derives its value from being utilized and traded through vessels like goods and resources as we all know.

What’s truth?

Can value far exceed limited ways?


So let’s stop thinking billions are big numbers or trillions because in fact they are TINY in the scheme of things but it’s just how you use the numbers you work with that matters quite literally in the balancing act of life. Right? For instance if I had 500 trillion Dollars today and  I used all of that in peaceful activity it would literally end poverty tomorrow! Also we could speculate money out quadrillions of times but use all of the money for actually employing people and helping the World instead of just wasting it on simply betting on what will happen or not happen. Get my drift? The pure flow of numbers goes on and on and on. The value of life is in the greatest good or the highest essence of truth neutralized out of the worst happenings isn’t it?

Let’s flow.

Tupac said it so well.

“If you’re good in your heart then you are closer to God but if you’re evil then you’re close to the devil. That makes sense. I see that every day.”

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What I realized over the years is that not everyone is interested in change. People admitting that they have issues are rare. It took me some time to accept this fact being that I have a transparent personality. It was a mystery to me why a lot of folk are in denial about their shortcomings. Some of us either don’t know we have issues or in denial about our issues. It is a challenge for me to sustain a healthy relationship with people who fail to notice the part that they play in anything. I had to discontinue a few relationships with people who fail to take accountability for their own actions. Blaming others, shaming others, just being critical of things with a limited perception. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from people, places, and things that no longer serve us.

In order for me to restore, reevaluate, and realign myself I need to disconnect.  Folk who are unaware or pretend to be unaware of their own actions is a trigger for me. I’m open, honest, & willing. With that I need to be surrounded by people who are sensitive to my recovery process. I need constant inspiration, reassurance and compassion. Most of my pain began during my childhood years. I’m purposely selective. Just because people are friends are family does not mean they need to be a part of my life. This was tough for me at first due to nostalgic memories, however I realized that I could cherish positive memories and remember the good. It is our responsibility as adults to get any necessary help as needed. We need to know that ,growth is a vital part of being a human being.

I think that it is hustling backwards to be recovering meanwhile still be surrounded by people, places & things that make me sick. Forgiving someone does not mean going to be with them again in the physical form. It simply allows me to forgive myself and the part that I played and heal spiritually. I was strong enough to realize that I needed to create healthy boundaries. It felt good to take back my life. I’m not closed from the people I removed or altered communication with. I’m merely aware and alert to my needs and my peace of mind. If these so-called friends and family members ever choose to be accountable and get some professional help with their root issues, I will reconsider my relationship with them. Until then, I will carry on respectively.

This entry has been inspired by a Facebook friend who tagged me in a post regarding his struggle with mental health. I let him know that he is not alone. I simply reminded him that before we accept these labels, let us take a closer look at the people, places, & things that surround us daily. Sometimes being in an enviornment that is not supportive will make us feel like it’s our fault. When all the while some of us just haven’t been holding others accountable.




“Im not for any one; Im for every won”.


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Have you ever felt taken advantage of?

Have you ever felt like you were amidst a partnership that is just completely imbalanced?

Are women only needed for balance or is it a mix of men and women?

Can we be mutual as people in our relationships in life?

The answers to all of these questions for me have been varied. For instance I always am aware that women and men together are needed to balance the World plus the consciousness that breathes life into each one of us on this Earth. We are here for a sense of mutuality or a corresponding balance between each other regardless of how we define ourselves. It’s not just about a collectivist “Nation” state agenda to work with in this World as that is limited in perspective when dealing with 7 Billion plus people Nations no longer are nearly as important as working with each other peer to peer or person to person, spirit to spirit.

So why always focus on just Nations?

Nations do not work to me for the same reason collectivism doesn’t solely work, for lack of balance.


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BLEXIT Expo Q3: Exchanging Ideas and Solutions

Be sure to attend the Black Economic Exit’s Third Quarter Bitcoin Expo detailing ideas of how to adopt cryptocurrency for your own business, individual freelancing projects, and or just investing for self. Too many of us are focusing on fighting police and governments when we should instead focus on being apolitical and decentralized peer to peer between ourselves. Human to Human which is real MONEY and that is MONEY between ourselves digitally and cryptographically not to be disseminated by Central Banks of the World for much longer.  If you don’t know much about the creation of money please study on your merits before you learn about Bitcoin and cryptography.

There is always something that we can learn from others including Moors of the African Diaspora of the past and the current one going on now between continents.

From Exu Miller El Founder of the Moab’bit Association of The Moorish Science Temple of America:

“General Admission will give you entry into the Bitcoin Expo as an observer. Listen in as we discuss ideas of how to advance bitcoin adoption, our experiences and best practices. We will cover the BLEXIT, bitcoin, banking and enterprise. All proceeds go to the BLEXIT crowdfund. We appreciate your support.

For VIP Tickets to join our panel, visit and purchase your ticket dirextly through the website with bitcoin.”


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