The Science of The Soul


This is a post that I am sharing that was originally posted by the Facebook Page Wisdom Point called “The Science of The Soul” that is so beautiful and poignant. Truthful as well with such beauty. Directly written about balancing material and spiritual with adequate precision.

The Science of the Soul –


The Soul is naturally scientific, just not in the limited materialistic sense of modern science.

For example, the unitary structure of Self/World provides a cosmic algorithm (recipe) for individuation. This algorithm is executed on the Trajectory of Mastery, Love, and Prosperity in keeping with the Highest Good of individuation.

Whenever someone accentuates the self over world, or the world over self, they are creating an imbalance in this dynamic algorithm. Self and World not only need each other, they are inseparable.

So, if people go out there to change the world, but do not change themselves at the same time, it is futile. And if people just change themselves without changing the world, it is a fluke. There is an exact energy exchange and balancing between changing oneself and changing the world.

The Soul knows that, but humans fall into the trap of accentuating the Self over World in transcendentalism, or the World over the Self in Realism. It is a simple matter of understanding how Self/World is a unitary structure to begin with, which is the foundation of ALL our experience and knowledge. Understanding Self/World as a unitary dynamic is the master key to true freedom and objectivity. This is an example of the Science of the Soul.

The Science of the Soul works with Cosmic Awareness, and it is deeply moral in nature, because it works in alignment and synchronicity with the Highest Good.

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