What drives you?

What drives you? What moves you?

Is it selling? Is it fashion? Is it coding? Is it entrepreneurship? Or is it just yourself?

What motivates you?

Life can either get you going or make you depressed, anxious, and filled with problems and issues. How are we going to move ourselves forward?

Freeing ourselves is all about what drives us. What moves us ultimately. Thinking BIG. Thinking much larger than ever before. We are so used to letting others make the decisions for us instead of making our own decisions which is probably why there are less entrepreneurs and far more employees.

Are we excuses? Or are we our drive for life?

The Inner Genius Pilot Program by Ryan Miller of Utica NY really makes me ask this question of people in the World right now. What is our Inner Genius from within?

There is much work to be done and much more to be created!

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