How To Think Big

Lately I have been reading a fantastic book by the author David J. Schwartz called, “The Magic of Thinking Big,” which is really helping my confidence lately I must say. It is hard to have more confidence most of the time in life because there are so many ups and down periods that we go through a lot I must say. Creativity is amazing and wonderful and so is thinking big and expansive! That spirit of life within us!  So here are a few key pivotal points by Schwartz in his book about how to develop your power to see what can be, not just what is.

  1. Practice adding value to things. For instance if you are selling in business services ad or resources then ask how you can add value to the services and commodities that you are selling. Using a plan with victorious pictures associated with what it is that you are selling is very useful.
  2. Practice adding value to people. As your position in the business World or life in general gets higher and higher in terms of success, more of the work becomes “people development.” How can you add value to the people that surround you at your workplace? What can you do to help them become more successful and effective? Visualize the best in the people you work around and then help them to bring it out.
  3. Practice adding value to yourself. Conducting daily interviews with yourself by asking, “how can I make myself more valuable today?” Visualizing yourself not as you are but as you can be. Then you will be able to see specific ways for attaining your true potential value.

Use big, bright, and cheerful words that bring about an imagery of happiness and victories in life. Focus on awareness of the people and prosperity that helps with promise and hope. Conquer fears through concentration on your actual assets that you have or what is known as your real true capabilities now.

Grow big by thinking big!


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