She is A Flower

She is a flower  and a temperament of seeds and healing that does not cower. She blossoms from the anger. Petals bring her out with the farmer. With her Mother and her Father it does not matter. Water her gently and treat her wisely for she is of many colors. What do you prefer? If you have had trouble with her then what have you learned lately? Building agility, a sense of tranquility? Incredible ability. Flowering possibility. She is possibility to me. I see her in the tree.

The tree moves upwards rooted below obviously. The truth and guidance of it move me when treating Earth better you see it is more of a sensibility in the earnest behaviors of unearthing more of these gems within. Patience and virtues galore give me the flowers evermore. Digging deeper and putting more into her. Have I looked into myself deep enough yet to find the real answers? Or am I discovering more flowers? More gardens? Beauty is here. Joy and peace are in the sickest of the beast. I tell myself this as the flowers come up yet again in another Season filled with Summer. She is this femininity within me. This easiness and calmness sense of purposefulness. Yes! Stars shining and resurrections of healing in an age of confusion and disturbances fighting peace. Can we bring the balance again?

Yes! With a flower.


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