Building a new structure

Are you building a new structure or tearing apart others instead?

Which way are you deciding to go?

Which way is more beneficial for your purpose in life?

I have decided to build a new structure and no longer be affected by what has ailed me and instead focus on what compels me to be stronger. For it is far greater to use even defeats as lessons for continual development, motivation, passion, and growth going forward. I am that balance truly when I think of it and so are all of the youthful children that teach me all of the time about how beautiful life is at its root which is a spectrum of full color no matter what. See to it to build a new structure amidst all of the pains and all of the anguish for redemption is always a choice.

Apologize to yourself for your own failures and mistakes from your own past and learn from them by not being as hard on yourself as you were before. There is always support out there if you are willing to attain it. More pain than ever before is relieved by our own choices to change our ways and focus on creating new methods for our futures. We are the new way forward so let’s start acting like it. Building a new structure? Can it be as straight at a target like cupid’s arrow?  Or is building a new structure more like a complex pattern? It’s up to us really how we do it. Balancing the art of individualism mixed with the overall collective cosmic consciousness to me is the key to BALANCE!

Build the new structure! Make your visions come alive!


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