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Building a new structure

Are you building a new structure or tearing apart others instead?

Which way are you deciding to go?

Which way is more beneficial for your purpose in life?

I have decided to build a new structure and no longer be affected by what has ailed me and instead focus on what compels me to be stronger. For it is far greater to use even defeats as lessons for continual development, motivation, passion, and growth going forward. I am that balance truly when I think of it and so are all of the youthful children that teach me all of the time about how beautiful life is at its root which is a spectrum of full color no matter what. See to it to build a new structure amidst all of the pains and all of the anguish for redemption is always a choice.

Apologize to yourself for your own failures and mistakes from your own past and learn from them by not being as hard on yourself as you were before. There is always support out there if you are willing to attain it. More pain than ever before is relieved by our own choices to change our ways and focus on creating new methods for our futures. We are the new way forward so let’s start acting like it. Building a new structure? Can it be as straight at a target like cupid’s arrow?  Or is building a new structure more like a complex pattern? It’s up to us really how we do it. Balancing the art of individualism mixed with the overall collective cosmic consciousness to me is the key to BALANCE!

Build the new structure! Make your visions come alive!


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High Vibration

Feel a high vibration as you walk during your day and try to quell the lows by seeing what is more. What is full capability and the fullness of who you can be daily. It always helps you to get on that high vibration. Not only believing in God but knowing and living it as something that is breathing with you and active right now. Yes right now in this moment that I am writing this to you that now. We are so positive when we are that high vibration or the high vibe that brings stellar joy and occupies a sense of creativity and sensibility like no other in the mental space. Is your heart connected to your positive mentality too?

Vibrations are pouring into us by the waves of the Earth’s electrical will power and poetic ways. It is so artistic, scientific, and mathematical all at the same time that it never fails to amaze me. Are we really moving alongside these waves? Or are we failing to do so these days? If we are failing to move alongside these waves today with balance and truth then its necessary to get on a high vibration. To excel upwards to a higher way and a far more positive and balanced way instead of a mediocre way that helps no one. So I decided to start with who I knew best and that is myself for this. To start on raising my own self higher with higher vibes and different actions taken to move forward. Also when we look to where the new community solutions are we always tend to find them and can work with them, therefore riding the high vibration wave.

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She is A Flower

She is a flower  and a temperament of seeds and healing that does not cower. She blossoms from the anger. Petals bring her out with the farmer. With her Mother and her Father it does not matter. Water her gently and treat her wisely for she is of many colors. What do you prefer? If you have had trouble with her then what have you learned lately? Building agility, a sense of tranquility? Incredible ability. Flowering possibility. She is possibility to me. I see her in the tree.

The tree moves upwards rooted below obviously. The truth and guidance of it move me when treating Earth better you see it is more of a sensibility in the earnest behaviors of unearthing more of these gems within. Patience and virtues galore give me the flowers evermore. Digging deeper and putting more into her. Have I looked into myself deep enough yet to find the real answers? Or am I discovering more flowers? More gardens? Beauty is here. Joy and peace are in the sickest of the beast. I tell myself this as the flowers come up yet again in another Season filled with Summer. She is this femininity within me. This easiness and calmness sense of purposefulness. Yes! Stars shining and resurrections of healing in an age of confusion and disturbances fighting peace. Can we bring the balance again?

Yes! With a flower.


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Raising our frequency with Reiki. Universal Energy healing!

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energetic healing art which is also known as universal energy in Japanese. Reiki encompasses all of the chakras or coils of energy on the human body and auras of color signify each of them too. I first heard of Reiki healing therapy in Rochester New York from the Founder of The Reiki Healing Center of Rochester  Barbara Carlton. Now in Utica New York Ilion is the closest town to me where Reiki healing is being done at the store Earthly Matters Crystals and Stones. Reiki is great for all ages and is beautiful for balancing yourself. A Reiki 1 Class is going on July 30th and by the end of it a certificate will be received by the participant, a manual on CD given and chakra stones all for $65.00


reiki incense

28264538 - healers cupped hands and reiki kanji symbol on misty background

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Creating a New Way

Creating a new way for the World in front of you is so much like cultivating new lands from seeds without any sense of fear. There is no need to fear your success when you can smile for what is greater for you and what is more possible for you. Neutralize your fears with the creation of a new way out of the depths of what is within you. There is an excellent growing process called permaculture that is much like what I am stating here. What’s permaculture?

Well permaculture is a design system for ecological and sustainable living, integrating plants, animals, buildings, people, and communities together.


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Living a Peaceful Life

How to life a balanced and peaceful life? Let’s think that way. We have that ability today to think more positive and neutralize our negativity into more productivity daily. It’s not impossible whatsoever. We are that cure to our problems for living a peaceful life. Nature is always a part of us as people and to forget this happens at times yes. Though we are finding solace in that sun still! Finding solutions without attaching ourselves to identified problems all of the time lets us go beyond into a peaceful life.

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Faith. What does it mean to be instilled with purpose?

Do you have faith? Do you believe in yourself with a vigor that stands the test of time? Do you have the courage to make it happen in life?

Make what happen?

Well to make what is not seen become seen and to bring alive what is to others dead, that is what I mean. So do you have the faith to press on? What kind of purpose are you living for? Do you understand the purpose of working with others to get what more cooperation in life?

How about the new connection made to the Pain Sufferers Speak Group on Linkedin with someone who invited me? Powerful. A network for healing from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Diseases, mental issues, and more forms of suffering by Liz Hall.  Sometimes you truly do not know who will ask to connect to you or be affiliated with you in any particular way. It can be through your own ways of being or who you also seek out for connectivity as well to make dreams come true. Passion gets fulfilled eventually and so does independence.

So I guess its time to practice what you preach!

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